How Did Paulinha Abelha Die? Everything You Need To Know

The singer Paulinha Abelha , from the band Calcinha Preta , remains hospitalized in the ICU of Hospital Primavera in Aracaju (SE). According to the medical bulletin released on Wednesday (23), she remains in a coma and needs hemodialysis to adjust her kidney function.

“We inform that the patient Paula de Menezes Nascimento Leca Viana remains hospitalized in an intensive care unit. She remains in an unaltered neurological condition in a coma, without the need for medication to adjust the pressure, breathing with the support of devices, maintaining adequate oxygenation, and requiring hemodialysis to adjust renal function. Continues to carry out tests for the assessment and continuous monitoring of organic dysfunctions (neurological, hepatic and renal)”, says the bulletin signed by doctors Ricardo Leite and André Luis Veiga de Oliveira .

Hospitalized since February 11, in Aracaju, Paulinha was diagnosed with kidney problems shortly after arriving from a tour she was doing with the group, in São Paulo. The cause, however, had not been disclosed. Her liver was another organ affected with an infection, bypassed in time.

Three days later, the condition worsened and she was sent to the ICU, where she began dialysis, a procedure that removes toxic substances from the body, playing the role of the kidneys. On February 17, Paulinha had a clinical worsening and went into a coma. Due to these kidney problems, she developed a severe neurological condition and started to breathe with the help of mechanical ventilation.

Paulinha Abelha Died
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She is in a deep coma

The medical team at Hospital Primavera, formed by neurologist Marcos Aurélio Alves, technical director Ricardo Leite, and intensivist André Luis Veiga, updated the singer’s health status during a press conference held this Tuesday afternoon (22)

“She is in a deep coma, but at no time do we talk about brain death. She is in a coma, not dead, there is a brain injury, but this is a potentially reversible condition, there is no irreversibility. About the prognosis, how will she be able to stabilize this neurological part, we will have to analyze it”, stated Marcos Aurélio.

The neurologist explained that, on the Glasgow scale, created in 1974 and used by doctors to understand the patient’s level of consciousness and its severity, Paulinha is at 3 (the scale ranges from 3 to 15). “Here, in this room, we are at level 15, which is the highest,” he told reporters. “The question we ask is: ‘What etiologies justify a person being on this scale, with a score of 3?’ It’s a severe sensory impairment,” he said, confirming that further tests will be done. In the case of the singer, in a deep coma, she has no response to external or sensory stimuli.

Doctors also denied the information that the singer had a bacterium in her brain. “She doesn’t have any bacteria, this is fake. What she has is severe encephalopathy, real damage, liver damage, and, finally, brain damage”, explained Ricardo.

André Luís stated that the goal is to keep Paulinha alive: “This is our interest and it’s not an easy mission, so I don’t feel comfortable talking about it [sequels]. acute, recover kidney and liver function, and recover the neurological part”, said André Luis.

Asked if Paulinha’s condition was caused by the use of diuretics or possible drugs for aesthetic purposes, the doctors explained that, in previous tests, there is no evidence of injuries. “There is no test that says, or that goes in the way that she had a previous injury, caused by the abusive or routine use of these substances. We want to make it clear that when Paula used these substances, it was on a supervised basis. does work with the possibility of drug intoxication, but this will only be confirmed in new exams”, said the team.

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