National rock is in mourning. Horacio Valdés, musician and vocalist of the band Son Miserables, died on Wednesday night, March 17, due to a heart attack. He was 51 years old.

The first reports indicate that the sudden death of the also composer and lawyer occurred while he was exercising. Valdés is survived by two daughters.

Very little could be done, despite attempts to revive them. The singer, who became known in the 1990s for songs like “Look at me,” had left.

As a coincidence, the musician’s last message, posted 12 hours before his death on his Twitter account, refers to what seems like the beginning of a family trip. “I have to arrive at least 3 hours before the airport and I do not accept the face of any of the members of my entourage/travel bubble .”

Valdés was preparing the musical “The stars will suffice”, which was due to premiere in July.

A sad goodbye

The death of the lawyer also spread quickly, as did the mixed feelings of the acquaintances, who did not hesitate to dismiss him with clear messages of regret. Once the news was known, the messages were added to the musician’s latest publication, in which he appears with his two daughters, Victoria and Natalia. @lifeofalejo wrote: thank you for so many good melodies that marked the lives of so many of us! You will always be remembered. Big!

In the same way did the account of @la_cascara who wrote a small extract of one of the lyrics of his song “Mírame” that says “There is a deafening silence …” Rest in peace. While @carolinabrid followed the same topic with the message:”I’ll cry later, now just look at me again …”

For his part, @elchinolimyueng commented: “The madman thought very well his plan, out of cardboard and wood, he began to make the true super spacecraft that would take him to outer space. . Only the stars suffices when !

The man and the artist

Father of two daughters and a lawyer by profession, the songs that Valdés performed stood out for their lyrics full of love and heartbreak.

When he completed 25 years of his career, he said he had no complaints, because “I am an artist who is a prophet in my land. People say that one cannot be one, but, in my case, it has not been like that. I appreciate that to the affection of the people because from the day I started I have received the support of the people, which has given us the courage and the confidence to continue making music.

He was divided between his two great passions; law and music, which he combined perfectly, according to He said, “I’m lucky because there are people who can’t do it. I think balance is the key to everything. I have been able – more or less – to arrive at more things “. On one occasion when asked what legacy he wanted to leave, Horacio said simply: I want to be remembered as “a person who wrote good songs. He tried to make the songs in the most honest way, someone who was simply a singer-songwriter.

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