Exatlón Estados Unidos: Everything You Need To Know About The New Season

Frederik Oldenburg and Marisela “Chelly” Cantú return to the new season of Exatlón Estados Unidos, Telemundo.

Exatlón Estados Unidos returns to Telemundo with an exciting new season that premieres on Tuesday, January 11 at 7 pm/6c.

According to information shared by the television network, the new edition of the sports competition will be “more rigorous than ever” with new and exciting challenges, impressive circuits and nocturnal obstacles that will put the physical and mental abilities of a new generation of heroes to the test. They will be part of the ‘Famous Team’ (Red Team) and the ‘Contending Team’ (Blue Team).

Frederik Oldenburg returns to Exatlón Estados Unidos.

The primetime program for the whole family will feature the return of Frederik Oldenburg, who joined as host of Exatlón Estados Unidos in the past fifth season and has also been distinguished by his successful participation in numerous Telemundo programs.

Frederik is passionate about sports and is a soccer player. He has collaborated in sports programs of the network, including the FIFA World Cup in Russia, Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Super Bowl, America’s Cup, Confederations Cup, English Premier League, and The Open Championship, among others.

Marisela “Chelly” Cantú joins the sports show

Marisela “Chelly” Cantú will also return as a sportscaster. The young woman was crowned the winner of the first season of Exatlón United States and is one of the most recognized faces of reality since she made history by becoming the first woman to win the sports competition worldwide.

The former Olympic gymnast, who represented her native Mexico at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, joined as a sportscaster for Exatlón Estados Unidos to offer the audience in-depth interviews with participants in the sports competition.

They will both be in charge of bringing all the excitement into each two-hour episode.
“We are ready to start the new year with an innovative and exciting season of athletes of another level that are sure to impress viewers of all ages,” said Ronald Day, President of Entertainment and

Content for Telemundo. “Aside from the amazing new circuits and obstacles, viewers will witness all the drama and feeling of each of the athletes that we will soon reveal.”
Soon, Telemundo will announce the new generation of Reds and Blues that will arrive at the Exatlón arenas.

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