Eunice Muñoz Dies At The Age Of 93

The comedian and presenter recalled one of the last interviews she did with the actress.

Herman José decided to pay homage to Eunice Muñoz with an original message in which she highlights a quality, less evident, but which she greatly admired in the actress: her sense of humour.

“All has been said about the artistic qualities of dear Eunice Muñoz. May I have the audacity to remember her for her fantastic sense of humour, one of the secrets responsible for her fascinating intellectual freshness”, notes the comedian and presenter when recalling one of the last interviews she did with the actress in 2010′.

“An example. An inspiration. An enchantment”, highlights the face of RTP1.

Eunice Muñoz died this Friday, April 15, at Hospital de Santa Cruz, in Lisbon. She was 93 years old.

As for money, she says her attitude hasn’t changed. “It’s funny… When I was doing movies or theater, I’d get my money, put it in the dresser drawer in my bedroom and that’s it. It wasn’t attached to anything. And my mother said to me: ‘Well, well, well. It’s because you’re earning so well. One day you are earning little, and you will see.’ And I found it very funny because when I was earning 800 escudos or a conto de réis at the counter at the cork house, I treated money in the same way.”

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