Cristina Fernández’s Mother Dies

Yesterday, Carlota Corredera used her Twitter profile to say goodbye to an uncle of hers who could not overcome the battle against Covid. The truth is that many people are leaving this pandemic on the road and many affected people use social networks as a platform for relief and goodbye. Today, it was the presenter Cristina Fernández who has warned all her followers of the sad news of her mother’s death.

Cristina Fernández has shared with all her followers through Twitter a text in which she confirms the death of her mother and thanks the person at the hospital for the treatment received: “With a broken heart, I want to thank the Zendal staff for their dedication and affection to my mother. The miracle we sought could not be. And that you fought so hard, mom … thank you for choosing us.

The journalist, whom we have seen on different television networks, has always shown extraordinary professionalism in front of the cameras. A job in which sometimes you have to report bad news, but for which you are never prepared to face the death of a family member. She has drawn courage and strength and has publicly confessed the sadness she feels at the moment for the death of her mother.

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