BíoBío confirmed the information about the death of “El Gitano”, known for the “Chilean Talent” program.

The tragic news was confirmed this morning since the 29-year-old Chilean singer Claudio Valdés died in a vehicle accident this Sunday morning in Talcahuano, in a tragic rollover while driving in curfew and that ended with the death of him and his companion.

The artist appeared on the program at the age of 18 and stood out thanks to his interpretation of the song Mother, reaching the final of the competition, where he obtained second place.

In the next few hours, the Prosecutor’s Office will deliver more information on the accident, but preliminary information indicates that the second victim would be a woman, a partner of the deceased singer.

Also, sources from Radio Bío Bío confirmed that Valdés would have been present at an event in the Penquista area.

As reported by Radio BíoBío“El Gitano” as he was popularly known, died after overturning his vehicle on the Concepción-Talcahuano Highway. In preliminary information, the driver would have lost control of the car at around 5:00 AM this day.

Claudio Valdés rose to fame in Chile on Chilevisión’s television show “Talento Chileno” years ago, where he stood out with covers and Spanish songs that thrilled viewers, which gave him popularity in a rising musical career in his early years. Valdés also participated in programs like Yingo.

The information collected by BíoBío shows that two people were ejected from the vehicle after it overturned, confirming Valdés as one of them. According to the media, the second victim would have been the singer’s partner.

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