Who Is Clarissa Molina’s New Boyfriend? Details Of Her Relationship

Clarissa Molina cleared up doubts about her current boyfriend, Vicente Saavedra, whom she met three years ago in the Dominican Republic while recording her first movie, Que León. It was in the program where she works, El Gordo y la Flaca, where the Dominican reporter uncovered how happy she is in this relationship with the music entrepreneur, who is the former manager of the singer Ozuna .

Clarissa Molina assumed that her heart has a new owner, and even showed the ring that her lover gave her and that many people thought was a sign of commitment. The young entertainer said that she and the music entrepreneur reconnected in June when she traveled to Premios Soberano and that since then, they have been inseparable.

The beauty queen even said that Vicente Saavedra has plans to meet her father. Generating controversy in their networks for the past of the producer, who is the father of three girls.

Clarissa Molina said that she does have a boyfriend.

The 29-year-old beauty queen revealed that the rumors of her new boyfriend were true, in a broadcast of El Gordo y la Flaca . “All that brilliance that you have told me is that I have a boyfriend. I’m dating a gentleman, a wonderful man, I’m super happy,” she said.


She confirmed the identity of her new love.

Clarissa Molina is very reserved with her private life, but this time she could not hide that as it had been rumored, her boyfriend is the former manager of the singer Ozuna. “His name is Vicente Saavedra, he works in the music industry,” said the beautiful Dominican with a kilometer-long smile.

Affirming that they are finally together and sharing their lives. “We reconnected and we really are super happy, we are day by day,” she told Lili Estefan and Adal Ramones, who is substituting for Raúl de Molina in El Gordo y la Flaca .

She recounted when and where they met.

“I met him three years ago when I worked on my first film, Qué León, I said ‘wow this man’, but everyone took their normal path. We greeted each other where we met here and there. We reconnected during the month of May-June during Premios Soberano “, shared Clarissa super excited when talking about this man who had a crush on her from the first moment.

Clarissa spoke of the ring that Vicente Saavedra gave her.

“This ring is not for engagement. Not yet, it is very early we are starting, but she wanted to give formality to the courtship, which thank God we are having very nice. (I am) very excited, happy,” said the model and actress with a special sparkle in his eyes, the product of this new love with the 38-year-old consultant and artist manager.

The businessman is going to meet Clarissa’s family very soon.

According to Clarissa Molina’s version, her courtship is going from strength to strength, to the point that her family is already aware. In addition, she revealed that Vicente Saavedra already plans to go meet her father-in-law. “Clarooo, my dad already knows, they are going to meet now God willing in October,” the beautiful driver said to Lili Estefan during this revealing segment.

Her announcement generated a great debate on social media.

For some Clarissa fans, Vicente Saavedra’s murky past made them alert her and ask her to be “careful” with her beau, who in February 2019 was called to testify (like the singer Ozuna) in the San Juan Prosecutor’s Office, Puerto Rico, for its alleged link to the case of the murder of singer Kevin Fret on January 10, 2019.

In addition, Ozuna and her ex-manager were accused of theft and fraud in Mexico, for an advance they received of $ 30 thousand dollars for a concert that was never done. Something that set off the alarms of the followers of Clarissa, who says she is happy with life by her side.

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