Artist And Graphic Designer Alberto Corazón Dies At 79

Painter, multidisciplinary creator and author of logos such as ONCE or Mapfre, has died at the age of 79 in Madrid

Alberto Corazón, a key man in Spanish art and design in recent decades, has died in Madrid at the age of 79 due to complications derived from health problems that he dragged on in recent times, as confirmed by his close environment. Creator of logos such as ONCE, Mapfre, or the ministries in the eighties, his figure goes beyond design and encompassed painting and other arts.

Public Treasury, National Library, Autonomous University of Madrid, Casa del Libro, Hispasat, Paradores, Mapfre, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Murcia City Council, Junta de Extremadura, or Antonio Machado Bookstore are among its clientele. All this in democracy, when design became a vine that the Spaniards clung to get away from the Franco mold and land on a new world, with colors, shapes, and beauty.

In design since the sixties, when as I recognized that word did not even exist in the dictionary in Spain, the takeoff came in the eighties. In 1989 he received the National Design Award. Corazón provided symbolic identity to those who did not have it, such as some new factory autonomies (La Rioja, Extremadura …) and to companies that began to glimpse the importance of the image, selling insurance or hotel rooms. In the heyday, Corazón designed objects such as the Domo telephone to the iconography of RENFE’s Cercanías network, including street furniture and line plans. Then came the disenchantment, the crisis, the closure of the agency. “A few years ago we experienced an apotheosis of mediocrity. My clients penalized excellence. Everything around was mediocre. I decided that I did not want to participate in that ceremony “, He assured in an interview in EL PAÍS in 2015.

Then came a temporary withdrawal, from which he returned much more focused on painting, an activity of which the Disposal exhibition, in 2017, is one of the best examples.

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