Alexander Sánchez, The Architect Of The Famous Christmas Trees, Dies

Sebastián, the partner of the decoration wizard, as many had baptized him, announced the sad news on social networks: “The love of my life is no longer with us.” RIP.

There are people who are born to shine thanks to that star that accompanies them. Alexander Sánchez was one of them. The light and magic of the famous creator of some of the most spectacular Christmas trees has been turned off this week.

With deep regret and a declaration of pure love, her husband Sebastián announced it on the networks of the renowned Venezuelan designer.

“Only a soul as beautiful and full of love as Alexander’s deserves to be honored and applauded by those of us who had the joy of knowing him. Today I must tell you that our Alex, my Alex, the LOVE of my life, my soul mate, my red heart, my little snail, my little doggy paw is no longer with us “starts this written sense.

Unexpected news that has left those who loved him without consolation, but also those who saw him grow and add success as followers of his and his art.

“We are left with his great legacy and the MAGIC impregnated in each moment lived by his side, his joy and his love for each work of art he made, the infinite love that permeated each Christmas tree, each student who was formed with it. in many corners of the world, in each wedding, in each party he made, in each family that he filled with love, and in each “magician” who will now make his art transcend, “continued his partner.

Just a year ago, Alex Sánchez gave an endearing interview to People en Español in which he told how with enthusiasm, work and enthusiasm he became the great designer of these magnificent trees today. “I could be able to close my eyes and imagine anything and those things making them come true, like Walt Disney,” he shared with emotion to our partner Moisés González.

HIS dream was to do something that no one had done before, to give life, personality, strength, and prominence to this Christmas accessory so important in homes. He wanted everyone to tell their own story and he more than succeeded.

His career initially started in Venezuela, his native country, and later became increasingly international thanks to his unique creations and meticulous attention to detail. Its magnificent trees occupied the houses of celebrities such as María Celeste Arrarás, Rashel Díaz, Chiquibaby, Carolina Sandoval, and Catherine Siachoque, among many others.
His legacy as a magician of these trees and, above all, as a person will remain forever in the hearts of all. Rest in Peace, dear Alex, and thank you for your great heart.

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