Waseem Badami, X (Twitter) Account Hacked of Pakistani Anchor

Waseem Badami, a popular news anchor on Pakistan TV, seems to have had his official X (Twitter) account hacked on November 29, 2023.

The well-known Pakistani television presenter found himself in the midst of a social media storm when his Twitter account got hacked.

Currently hosting a political talk show called “11th Hour” on ARY News, Waseem Badami is a prominent figure in Pakistani television journalism. Badami has not commented on the hack yet. It’s revealed that his official Twitter account had more than 5.1 million followers.

The hacker on Badami’s compromised account claimed to share a significant secret. Waseem Badami’s fellow anchor, Iqrar ul Hassan, shared the news of the hacked account through his Twitter account, stating,

“Waseem Badami’s official Twitter account has been hacked, and I’ll keep you updated. Efforts are underway to restore his accounts, so please disregard all the tweets.”

About Hacked Account

The hacker, whose identity remains unknown, added to the intrigue by hinting at revealing a secret and ended by offering advice on upholding honesty. This is a paradox, given that the hacker was pretending to be Badami and advocating for honesty.

Many people responded to the unusual tweets lightheartedly, although concerns about the security breach lingered. The posts differed notably from Badami’s usual serious and polished online persona. The first post from the anonymous hacker started with a greeting and a heart emoji, followed by “Morning darling.”

The subsequent posts continued to confuse and amuse Badami’s followers, indicating that the account had been compromised. After these posts, the hacker teased the disclosure of a secret. The latest post provides advice on staying truthful.

However, Waseem Badami’s fans eagerly await a statement from the anchor once he regains control of his account, as the full story remains unknown. This incident serves as a reminder of how even well-known individuals can be vulnerable to internet security threats.

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