Veronica Mendez Accident: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

On May 21st, a terrible car crash involving four passengers occurred in Cypress. At the age of 18, it claimed the life of beautiful Veronica.

She had numerous injuries in this accident, leaving her hospitalized and on life support. These injuries included fractures to her face, chest, spinal cord, and other internal wounds; she was 90% brain dead.

After this unfortunate event, Jessica had to decide whether to take her off life support and let her pass peacefully on her schedule.

Veronica was gregarious, full of joy, clumsy, kind-hearted, a diligent worker, a loving young lady, a daughter, sister, niece, and cousin. Her abrupt loss will make a life for the family complex moving forward.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family with funerals and other expenses at this difficult time.

Everyone, including friends and relatives, became sad and grieved upon hearing Veronica’s unfortunate passing. They began to grieve, remember the times they shared with her, and pray for her afterlife.

“Veronica, although your early departure has left everyone in your immediate vicinity feeling empty, you will always be in our hearts. May you sleep soundly, beautiful angel.”

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