Son of Jorge Aníbal Cassis Died in Guayaquil, What Happened to Him?

The renowned content creator shared his pain with his followers from one of his official accounts.

They say that a father should not bury a son, but no one knows the hazards of fate. The renowned influencer or content creator from Guayaquil, Jorge Aníbal Cassis, announced the death of his firstborn this Thursday, August 3, 2023. The news was replicated by the renowned character from his Instagram account, where he shared his pain with his followers. It is unofficially known that a traffic accident would have caused the death.

Through a video that contained memories that Cassis shared with his boy, he also wrote a moving farewell to him.

“Life has ripped a quarter of my soul from me. However, I feel like I lost it all. I no longer have a heart, I no longer feel anything… Tears no longer mean the same thing, the pain in my stomach from hunger doesn’t matter to me, I don’t want to eat… If it were possible, I would even stop breathing right now,” said the influencer . .

He also added: “I don’t know how badly I did the truth, I don’t know to whom I owe so much, that my feelings have charged me in interest, that love has charged me in life, that pain has charged me, that it has even received thanks, and today it has left me without even the desire to continue ”.

The touching farewell

After he made his pain public, Cassis, in the same publication, dedicated a few last words to his son, to whom he swore that he would not let his memory die:

“But son of my life, I swear to you. I SWEAR TO YOU THAT I WILL FULFILL YOUR DREAMS, I SWEAR TO YOU! EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO BE I WILL DO IT. I don’t care what it costs me, I really don’t care about anything, but I’m going to honor your memory, which is the only thing that this damn life leaves me full of, and that I love you is what I remember the most. And I’m going to make you proud, for when we meet again, give me that usual hug. I love you son of my soul!”

Jorge Aníbal Cassis is a well-known character on social networks who has taken over gastronomic content, posting recommendations to eat in different holes in the port city on his official accounts.

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