Skylar ‘Domine’ Keith, Us Marine, Has Passed Away; What Happened to Him?

On Monday, November 27, 2023, one of the most well-known US Marine Corps veterans and a very successful entrepreneur, Skylar Keith, unexpectedly passed away.

What happened to Skylar Keith?

The cause of Skylar Keith is linked to a suicide attempt. Reports suggest that Skylar was there for so long struggling with depression. He had some severe mental disorders that provoked him to the point where he was forced to take his own life. Although the family didn’t have any official word of the cause of Skylar’s Death, we can’t conclude what were the exact circumstances that made him take this step. This case highlights how serious these mental health issues that led to taking one’s own life. The community is shocked since they have heard this news of him attempting suicide; they are keen to know what made him take his own life.

However, no official details are shared by the family or through any official means, such as Skylar Keith’s funeral arrangements and memorial services. The family is still coping to deal with the loss. They shall announce any such details in the coming day as the community wants to come together to pay their respects to the demised soul.

Skylar Keith’s Journey and Background Highlights

Skylar Keith has lived an adventurous life so far. Initially, he was serving in the military in the Marines. Then, afterward, he shifted his course of interest and became a former soldier. Later, he became a businessman; he started his own business. He came from a strict marine background, so he initially faced some difficulties, but Stylar had this thing in mind about how important it is to meet and overcome these challenges, so he did. He focused on the problems that a new business brings with it. However, his innovative thinking and ability to face challenges also made him get through that time. The nature of his business was bodybuilding at first; later, he started his clothing brand and used to give people personal training in business aspects. He opened his gym.

Not just this, he also managed to write his book on personal training. He was versatile at many things, and he always excelled at tasks. He also had a future goal: to start his project, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for VETPAW.

Skylar’s motivation was for many; many were impressed by his expertise and how he coped with things. He trained many who wanted to become an entrepreneur like him. His approach to life was that having financial stability is the most crucial thing no matter what, and we should work on that as having this stability is a security for your good health. He managed to give his parents the best lifestyle that he could. Skylar’s motivation was to “pay it forward,” which means that he was into this and that one should help others and provide them with whatever support they want.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is the most neglected thing in our community, resulting in such cases. Stylar’s story is the same. Despite being so successful in his life, he still had severe health problems. As condolences pour in, the narrative emphasizes the significance of mental health awareness and the need for open conversations surrounding mental well-being—Skylar’s story. Please reach out to those who need support with some mental health problems. We must continue his legacy the same way. May he rest in peace.

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