Fashion Icon Shiva Singam Unexpectedly Passed Away, Cause of His Death?

Melbourne’s fashion industry is going through a difficult time due to the sudden passing of Shiva Singam on Saturday. People are mourning as they come to know the sudden death of the fashion icon.

Cause of death

The exact cause of death is unknown, but it has been reported that he passed away due to medical complications. However, no reports have been found on his medical complaints before.

His family members announced the news of his demise and expressed their sorrow and grief for his untimely passing at 50. Upon hearing the news, his fans and friends outpour their heartfelt tributes to the fashion icon.

Who was Shiva Singam?

Shiva Singam, affectionately called Count Shiva, was a fashion icon in the Melbourne fashion industry. He had always grabbed everyone’s attention with his unique style and fashion sense by wearing his signature cape, kurta, and robes.

He played a significant role in promoting emerging talents as a partnerships manager for the Melbourne Fashion Festival. In addition to his professional role, Shiva Singam was an influencer for many people in the industry. His generosity, compassion, selflessness and distinctive fashion sense inspire many people.

He was the one who always reached on time on red carpets and always supported different talents. On his recent appearance, he created an India Fashion Week in Melbourne and worked tirelessly for the event to help the new skills and give them a platform to showcase their work.


The passing of Shiva Singam leaves the entire fashion industry in deep mourning. Friends, fans and renowned fashion celebrities condoled Shiva Singam’s demise. However, the cause of death is not disclosed. To honour his legacy, memorials and tributes are outpouring on social media.

His friends and family organized a memorial service to celebrate and remember his life and contribution to the fashion industry. The memorial service aims to provide space and support each other in grief; however, there is also a plan to organize an exhibition to showcase Shiva Singam’s collections of dresses and his sense of fashion to remember his contribution to the industry.

Although the cause of death is under investigation and we can understand the family’s privacy, for now, some space is needed by the family to mourn their loss.

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