Prestonwood Baptist Church Suicide: A Man Committed Suicide Outside the Church

The tragic incident unfolded at Prestonwood Baptist church last night, which left the community in shock and grief. According to the reports, an adult man took his own life by committing suicide outside the Preston Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. The incident has shattered the church members, highlighting its pivotal role in supporting the community and its congregation.

How did the incident happen?

According to the source, it has been reported that the man, whose credentials have not been disclosed, drove his car to the church parking lot on 6 December 2023 at around 9 a.m. The man parked his car at the main entrance of the church and got out of the vehicle with a gun in his hand. The man then shot himself in his head outside the church. Fortunately, no other loss has occurred to the church members.

The source reported that the man was a 42-year-old white man who was a resident of Plano. The man was a former member of the Prestonwood Baptist church, but for a year, he had not attended the church. It has been said that the man had a history of anxiety and depression and was getting treatment for mental illness.
Prestonwood Christian Academy superintendent Michael Goddard, Ed.D, stated about the tragic incident and announced to the parents and community that there was no harm related to the incident and that the students were safe.

The church has also supported those affected in the wake of this tragic incident. The church has organized its resources to offer guidance to cope with the incident, as the shooting of the man himself has shaken the community members of the church. Prestonwood church is known for its crucial role in supporting and providing solace to its students.
The Plana police are investigating the matter to discover the circumstances and cause of the man shooting outside the church. The details regarding the case will be provided once the police have completed their investigation of the matter.

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