Police and FBI Investigate Large Car Explosion in Downtown Nashville as “Willful Act”

Three people have been taken to the hospital, although none of them are in serious condition

In the early hours of Christmas morning, on the deserted streets of downtown Nashville (Tennessee, in the southern United States), there was an explosion of a parked vehicle that has injured three people and caused material damage in various buildings. Authorities believe the detonation was intentional and the FBI is leading the investigation.

The Nashville police, as explained by their spokesman Don Aaron at a press conference, received a call warning of a shooting at 6:00. Upon arriving at the scene, the agents found no sign of shots. But a suspicious vehicle, a motorhome, caught their attention and they requested a specialized unit to examine it. Agents knocked on nearby apartment doors to ask residents to leave their homes temporarily. Before the experts from the explosives brigade arrived, the vehicle exploded.

Three people have been taken to the hospital, but their lives are not in danger. Police have also confirmed that an unknown number of people have been transferred to police stations for questioning. The explosion produced a large column of smoke that could be seen from various points of the city. He smashed the windows of nearby buildings, some of which had to be evacuated.

The damage in the area is evident and the authorities have cut off access. “The explosion was big, as you can see. The police department, its federal partners, the FBI and the ATF [the agency for Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives], are conducting the investigation, ”the police spokesman said. The agents, he added, believe “that the explosion was an intentional act.”

The place where the explosion occurred, which was filled with dense black smoke, is the tourist center of the city, full of bars, restaurants and shops. Some streets that often, at night, are filled with young people who go to entertainment venues and live music. It is also a busy area on weekdays during business hours. The detonation shook some of the surrounding buildings. Had the explosion occurred on a weekday morning, the city’s mayor, John Cooper, warned, the result could have been very different.

“It is not a very populated area, but the people in the adjacent buildings are mostly fine and have been evacuated,” added the mayor, who asked the population not to approach downtown Nashville at a press conference and warned of that the area will remain closed. The mayor toured the area where the explosion occurred and spoke of broken glass, fallen trees and massive water leaks.

A spokesman for the White House has assured that President Trump, who is on vacation at his Florida residence, is being informed of the progress of the investigations. Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen, who has headed the Justice Department since Wednesday, was also being briefed, when the resignation of Attorney General William Barr became effective.

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