Pil Trafa Died: How Did The Singer Die?

Enrique Chalar, better known by his pseudonym Pil Trafa , died on the afternoon of Friday, August 13 at his home in Lima, Peru, where he currently resided. Considered one of the founders of punk in Argentina, he was a member of Los Violadores and is currently in charge of the Pilsen band . He was 62 years old .

The news was confirmed by the official Pilsen accounts on the networks, from where they detailed that Pil suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest . And they add: ” He leaves us a warrior, a pioneer of Latin American punk and underground, an enlightened lyricist, spokesman for an entire generation, a fighter and tireless captain of a thousand battles . There are no words enough to express our regret. We especially accompany his wife now. his son at this time and we embrace all his followers who have always meant so much to Pil. ”

Born on February 1, 1959, Pil Trafa joined Los Violadores in 1981 and remained the only consistent member of the group. He is the co-author, along with Stuka, of a good part of the songs in the repertoire: “Repression” and “Uno, dos, ultraviolento” are his most emblematic songs. The homonymous album, published in 1983, became an icon of Latin American punk, in the heat of the return of democracy in Argentina . They have a total of ten albums published, among which they also stand out And now what happens, eh? (1985), Out of sektor (1986) and Indian Market (1987). The last record under study is King or Queen , from 2009.

After the first separation from Los Violadores, Pil formed Pilsen . With that band, he released three albums: the most recent, Carne, tierra y sangre (2020) won the Gardel Award for “Best punk heavy rock album.” Among other projects, in 1999 he met with Stuka to form Stuk @ Pil, a duo that released a single album. As a soloist, he released the albums El monopolio de las Palabras (2004) and Último hombre (2015), the latter under the name Pil and Los Violadores de la Ley.

The Violators would meet at different times over the years. The last time was in 2018, when they gave a show at Luna Park . This last formation was completed with Stuka, Polaco and Sergio Gramatica. Since the late 90s, Pil Trafa

22 discs and a book

As part of Los Violadores, from Pilsen or as a soloist, he published 22 albums, and also wrote a book with Juan Carlos Kreimer, Argentina’s leading punk specialist. Its title synthesizes it, Beyond good and punk . “It is not a music book per se, but it is on the side of a situationism, because punk is something social, related to a lot of edges. It is my biography, yes, but very embedded in the social and political context of the country. There are also visions of the globalized world and interesting work on the structure of the music industry ”, Pil Trafa defined it for Página / 12.

“I was never worried about what they say – Pil Trafa explained about his career – if not, I would not have started a career with a group called Los Violadores that did songs like ‘Repression’. I never cared what he thinks. audience or musicians. I feel good about a project, and I can feel that way playing in a stadium or in a small pub. I do not ask to be a popular person, I am not interested. That is for television celebrities, or for others musicians, not for me. ”

Along with Los Violadores he signed classics such as “1, 2 Ultraviolento”, “Repression”, “Pathetic old men” and “Beyond good from evil”.

Recently Pil Trafa was part of “Rompan Todo” , a Netflix documentary series that analyzed the history and evolution of South American rock.

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