Mike Perez, WGTF Master Professional, Died – His Cause of Death?

Mike Perez, WGTF Master Professional, deceased tragically suddenly, leaving the golf world in shock and loss. Mike was Pat Perez’s brother.

Today, July 24, 2023, Mike Perez, a golf course professional and manager, departed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and teammates during this trying time.

The events that led to his untimely demise or had a part in it aren’t made public. Still, his fans are quite curious about the cause of his abrupt departure, which left everyone devastated and inconsolable.

The family will shortly provide information on the funeral arrangements so his loved ones can participate in his final ceremonies.

Mike Perez has played golf for more than forty years and has been a professional for 28 years. He has consistently delivered good outcomes for a variety of students over the course of his career. He comes out for his unique teaching style, which he adapts to each student’s specific needs to create a tailored educational experience.

Mike Perez has refined his skills in promoting youthful talent and guiding aspirational golfers to realize their maximum potential. He focuses on instructing junior golfers and hosting clinics for high school students.

He is a gifted event manager in addition to being a master teacher. In order to satisfy the preferences and demands of various clients, Mike has organized and managed a number of golf outings and tournaments effectively.

His services vary according to different demands and situations. Additionally, he has worked as a golf instructor and consultant for general golf clinics, corporate pre-outing clinics, and corporate golf outings.


“This one hurts. Getting that voice mail from you last night Tony was one of the toughest things I had to listen to. Your son was like a little brother to me. I just don’t know how to wrap my head around all this. Love you and will be there for you Pops. RIP Mike Perez.”

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