Martin Luther King Jr Day: What Is Open And What Is Closed?

Day Martin Luther King is Monday 18 January, where life and legacy of the icon of civil rights in the United States will be held. Therefore, this Monday is a federal holiday, which means that many public and private establishments will be closed, and that many people will have a paid day off.

Public schools, public libraries, banks, post offices and government offices will be completely closed.

Next, we leave you a list with the stores and entities that will be open or closed this Monday.

What is closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?


On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is one of the 10 federal holidays the US has during the year, it means that all banks will be closed. Be prepared to cash your check or withdraw cash on Tuesday once banks are back to normal.


Most public schools, kindergartens, high schools, colleges and universities will not teach classes this Monday, January 18. Even for students studying online or at a distance, the children are likely to have a day off. Some private institutions may continue to operate during this holiday, so you should check with the school where your child is enrolled.

Postal service

Because this day is a federal holiday across the country, most government-run offices will be closed. This includes local post offices, DMV, and City Hall. The USPS and FedEx offices will be closed and will not deliver during the holiday.

The libraries

Public libraries will be closed all day Monday. So, if you need to return a book you will have to wait until your local library will be back the day after the federal holiday.

What is open on Martin Luther King Jr.Day?

Grocery stores

Sundry stores, pharmacies, service stations and retailers will be open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There may be some exceptions at independent businesses. You should check the website of each store, to make sure it is open. Some have changed their schedules on this day.

Food stores

Most of the restaurants will be open. This day, free from work, is an excellent way to take advantage of it with a delicious meal with family or friends in a restaurant or cafeteria near your home. Make sure you wear a mask, comply with social distancing and all the restrictions that are in each place due to COVID-19.

National Parks

Although they are run by the government, the national parks will remain open to the public on this day. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is one of the national holidays in which many national parks do not have admission fees. This means that you and your family can spend your day outside in the fresh air, weather permitting. Remember to heed the security measures for COVID-19.

• Bars and clubs are open on Martin Luther King Day.

• Liquor stores may be open or closed on this day. This depends on each state and / or city you are in. Some areas allow the sale of alcoholic beverages on January 18, while others prohibit their sale.

• Pharmacies and drug stores will be open. Pharmacy departments in supermarkets and department stores may be operating during holiday hours.

• Shopping centers are open on this day.

What about train stations?

• Metrorail: trains will run from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm

• DC Circulator: regulated service

• Capital Bikeshare: Stations on Capitol Hill and around the White House are closed.

• VRE: No service.

• MARC: regulated timetable on the three lines; Brunswick Line trains 872 and 877 will not operate.

• MTA Maryland Commuter: No service.

• OmniRide: No service.

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