Mariel Rodriguez’s Mother, April Ihata, sadly Passed Away

Mariel Rodriguez is a Filipino-born American commercial model, TV host, VJ, endorser, and actress. Born on August 10, 1984, she was affectionately called Mariel as a child and grew up with her maternal grandparents in Paranaque as her parents separated.

Mariel started her career at age 16, serving in a role as a commercial model for Clean&Clear. She has embarked on every role as a host. She gained prominence by appearing on various TV channels, including TV5, ABS-CBS, ALLTV, and the GMA network.

Recently, the Filipino star took to social media and announced the death of her mother, April Ihata; since then, she has appeared in recent searches as people are keen to know details about her mother’s demise and its impact on her life.

How did her mother pass away?

Mariel Rodriguez announced the death of her mother on Saturday in a statement in which she thanked her mother for always being proud of her. The details regarding the cause and circumstances of her mother’s death have not yet been disclosed to the public at the time of this publication. Mariel just announced the news of her mother’s death and has not yet provided any information related to the death of her mother.

Mariel Rodriguez mother April Ihata

April Ihata was the proud mother of Mariel Rodriguez, who felt so blessed due to her daughter’s achievements and success. She was a native of Filipino. April Ihata was separated from her husband when Mariel was little, and Mariel shifted to her maternal grandparents, who raised her in Paranaque. Mariel has not disclosed much about her parents due to her less interaction with them, making it challenging to gather information about them.

Mariel Rodriguez’s Early Life

Mariel went to De La Salle Santiago Zobel School for grade and high. She later went to De La Salle University, earning a bachelor of arts in Philippines Studies and majoring in Filipino mass media.


At 15, Mariel started her career as a commercial model for Clean&Clear. In 2004, she was cast for MTV’s Asia’s show Rouge. She demonstrated her hosting abilities on the show and grabbed the attention of MTV Philippines executives, which made her become a VJ in December 2004. In April 2006, the Filipino model left her MTV show.

Mariel was signed up for the GMA network, where she became the regular host of ‘Extra Challenge’ and appeared on the ‘Love to Love series.’

In 2005, Mariel joined ABS-CBS as a co-host for the competition series “Pinoy Big Brother” and spent her journey there for five years till 2010. Mariel became known as the best co-host and later hosted shows, including Wowowee, Philippines Win Na Win, and Happy Yipee Yehey.

Maria showed her talent by acting in the Komiks series Varga in 2008, and in 2010, she appeared in various acting roles. Later, she returned to her hosting career and hosted for TV5 and ABS-CBS again. The model is actively serving her role as host and model; however, the death of her mother indeed left a vacuum in her heart, as reflected in her statement.

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