Jude Moore Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

The demise of accomplished teen West Country fighter Jude Moore, who proudly represented Downend and Hoddesdon, is announced by England Boxing with great sadness.

“I am shocked and grieved by the unexpected death of amateur boxer Jude Moore and a close friend. A pleasant 19-year-old who frequently accompanied Jude on England duties and in England camps. Sorely missed.”

Death’s exact reason is still unknown. The family might announce funeral services at a later time. Jude Moore is sorely missed and is being remembered by everyone who has expressed their condolences and memories of him on social media.

“I was devastated to learn of Jude Moore’s passing. She was a beautiful, brilliant boxer. Seven years ago, we slept next to him and his wonderful family while on vacation, and the kids quickly grew close. We were confident he would succeed at boxing, and he did! Fighting in Europe and scheduled to take a flight to Italy on March 24 to resume fighting. He has his entire life and career ahead of him at 20. My daughters have been following him since that vacation and are heartbroken.
Jude, may you rest in peace. Mark, Carla, and Ethan have our deepest love and prayers.”

English boxer Jude Moore was a rising talent in the sport. He has been boxing since he was a little child and has just started coaching and competing professionally. He was rapidly emerging as one of the nation’s most promising young boxers and was on track to become a world champion.

Moore competed in the 140-pound weight division as a lightweight welterweight boxer. With 14 wins and two losses, 11 of his victories were achieved by the knockout technique. He was renowned for being able to finish fights quickly and for throwing mighty blows. He was a skilled defensive fighter, allowing him to stay out of trouble and pick his targets.

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