Joyce Slocum, CEO of Texas Public Radio, Died at The Age of 66 from Colon Cancer

Unfortunately, the CEO of Texas Public Radio, Joyce Slocum, passed away yesterday, March 3, 2024, at the age of 66 due to colon cancer; her departure caused a great loss to public radio. She left an undeniable mark on the TPR because of her dedication and spirit.

She was hospitalized due to a health decline. On Thursday, TPR shared this news with the public in a statement remarks,

“TPR must share the difficult news that President & CEO Joyce Slocum was hospitalized this weekend due to complications from a recurrence of her colon cancer and has now transitioned to hospice care,” the statement read. “Her family and the TPR staff are grateful for the outpouring of support and love for Joyce.”

Details about the funeral services will be provided soon.

Rebecca Caven, the vice president of development, has been elected as the interim CEO of TPR.

About Slocum:

On April 24, 1957, Slocum was born in Dallas. She attended the St. Louis University School of Law and Southern Illinois University. Following several years of corporate law practice in private practice in Dallas, Slocum worked as a business and legal advisor to 7-Eleven, Inc. from 1984 until 1994. Afterwards, she was appointed general counsel and executive vice president for worldwide legal and corporate affairs at HIT Entertainment, a distributor and manufacturer of kid-friendly media, including “Barney & Friends.”

In 2008, Slocum joined NPR. She served as the network’s temporary president and CEO for nine months in 2011. In 2014, she became a member of TPR.

TPR became a leader in public media under her direction, demonstrating her commitment to creativity and community involvement. Her legacy still shapes the goals and principles of TPR. She transformed the organization with her leadership qualities and experience; she was a role model for her colleagues and the newbies in this media field, and she could overcome critical situations and make the right decision in favor of the organization; she served as the backbone for the entire TPR community.

Slocum’s legacy:

As we bid farewell to a visionary leader, let us carry forward her spirit of excellence and dedication in all our endeavors. Her leadership, moral character, and invention create a legacy that will influence the industry for many years. As we say goodbye to an empowered woman, let us continue her exceptional and committed spirit in all we do.


Frank Langfitt has shared a long tribute in remembrance of beloved Slocum.

“Last month, I had the honor of helping out at the annual fundraiser for Texas Public Radio, where Joyce Slocum did a masterful job building a regional public radio powerhouse, providing award-winning regional and national coverage of Texas politics, the border, and beyond. Despite suffering from cancer, Joyce oversaw the event with more than 300 people. We just learned Joyce has passed away. A great loss to public radio and a great example of commitment to the cause, which has never been more important.”

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