The professional, who has worked as an assistant director on numerous Australian series, was 52 years old

Australian producer and assistant director John Clabburn, 52, has died in a freak gardening accident, cutting his hand with a chainsaw while trimming his home hedges, Deadline reports. Clabburn, who has three decades of television experience, has worked on series such as ‘Home and Away’ and ‘Underbelly’ and has produced shows such as ‘Survivor’ (‘Survivors’).

Clabburn was mending the coniferous hedge in the backyard of his home on Sydney’s north shore when he cut his hand on a cordless electric saw he had just bought earlier that day last Tuesday, his wife told the ‘ Daily Telegraph ‘. The cut made him fall from a ladder of about three meters and he was lying until he was discovered by his wife.

Death was due to cardiac arrest caused by loss of blood. “When I went out into the backyard, he was crawling on the ground upside down,” said Clabburn’s wife, Melissa. There was so much blood! He was holding his torso. His wife tried to stop the bleeding with towels, but her efforts were not enough.

“All he said was, ‘Call an ambulance.’ At one point we were admiring how beautiful the hedge was and what a great job it had done and the next day I was in an ambulance. He was very meticulous, he had a great eye for detail, ”added Melissa. The couple have two sons: Josh, 23, and Lewis, 21.

The ambulance arrived while Clabburn was still alive and the paramedics were able to stabilize him and take him to Royal North Shore Hospital, where he died shortly afterward.

The series in which John Clabburn has worked is not well known in Spain, although some, such as ‘Double life’ , have been seen in our country. According to IMDb data, his first job was on ‘Police Rescue’ (1989), which ran for five seasons. There are also some movies, like ‘Hating Alison Ashley’, ‘Feed’ and ‘Unfinished Sky’, but mostly she did TV series. The thriller ‘Murder Call’ (1997) is another of the most popular and ran for three seasons, as did the 2006 comedy ‘Stupid Stupid Man’.

His latest works include ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and the ABC drama miniseries ‘Operation Buffalo’, starring actor James Cromwell.

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