Jesse Dominguez Was Unexpectedly Killed on The 105 Freeway; What Happened?

On Sunday afternoon in Watts, on 19th November 2023, a 33-year-old famous actor named Jesse Dominguez passed away near where he used to live. The incident happened on the 105 Freeway.

Available reports suggest that the actor was facing some mental health issues or maybe with drugs. So, a fight happened between the Police and Jesse Dominguez.
Now, different stories are circulating. The CHP officials claimed that Jesse Dominguez was holding a Taser in his hand, which he used against the officer in the fight. That Police Officer, of course, got scared, and to save himself from that Taser, he shot Jesse right away, because of which he died on the spot.
According to the CHP,

” An officer tried to convince the man to get off the freeway but he refused and that led to a fight.”

Jesse Dominguez Family Stance

The story CHP Officials claim the family of Jesse says is a wrong story that they have made up. Jesse had that Taser Just because of the safety measures against the people near him.
They confronted that the Police story wasn’t true. Jesse’s stepmom, Akasha Dominguez, said that things are not how the police have portrayed them; the police did hurt him. The family is very shocked and disturbed because of this event. She shared that Jesse was having Bipolar Disorder, because of which he was going through a challenging time.
Although his family helped him as much as they could in these times, they offered him a place to stay, but he was very dedicated to his passion for being an actor. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as they were planned, and he died fatally in this accident.

There’s a video circulated all over social media in which it can be seen that Jesse and the police officer were fighting. Still, gradually, it turns to the Police Officer shooting Jesse multiple times.

At this time, the family is in very much pain; the only thing they’re asking is whether it was important for the Police Officer to use this much force of his power against their son.

California Department of Justice

As the case has emerged, people are wondering, and they are concerned about this thing: why did the officer choose to fight a person and use the force that led to his death?
California Department of Justice is actively looking into the case, as such cases emerge very rarely where police hurt someone who is not even armed. The investigation is still ongoing. Jesse’s family is waiting patiently to know when the investigation ends, and at the same time, they have consulted some lawyers to know more about civil rights. Let’s see how long this case takes.

In these challenging times, Dominguez’s father shared a few struggles he went through.
For now, there is no information available on the funeral arrangements and memorial services of Jesse Dominguez. The family shall announce the details in the coming days.

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