Jerry Rawlings Died: How Did Former Ghanaian President Die?

Covid 19 killed the former president of the Republic of Ghana, Jerry Rawlings, at 73, according to a tweet by Angolan writer Joao Melo.

As a senior officer in the Ghana Air Force, Jerry Rawlings led two military coups, the first in 1979, handing over power to a civilian government two years later, according to a report released by BBC News.

He was head of a military junta until he introduced multiparty elections in 1992 when he was elected president for the first time. He left office in 2001 after two terms.

A charismatic figure, Jerry Rawlings came to power in 1979, successfully leading a vigorous anti-corruption process.

Reports from Ghana state that the former president died at the hospital in the capital, Accra, after a short illness.

In the few months he led the country in 1979, he was responsible for the execution of several former heads of state and army generals for alleged corruption and maladministration.

He was also seen as an advocate for the poor and started his time in power as a committed socialist.

Subsequently, it introduced reforms in the scope of the market economy, initiating a long period of political stability, which continues today, after a series of riots and coups in the 1960s and 1970s.

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