Janice Long Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Janice Long was born on 5 April 1995 and died on 25 December 2021. Janice Long Net Worth at the time of her death is $1.5 Million. Janice was an English Radio Broadcaster. She was working for BBC Radio, at different timings, she was seen on many of their channel stations. She was seen on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, and BBC Radio 6 Music. Janice was the first lady to have her daily show on Radio 1.

Janice served the career for fifty years. She hosted the evening show on BBC Radio Wales. Moreover, Janice was the first woman to present Top of the Pops. In short the broadcaster, Janice lived a very successful professional life.

Janice Long Death: Cause Of Death

This sad news broke the internet by her agent on 25 December 2021. After hearing the news of her demise, her listeners and fellow workers are in a big trauma. Her listeners and her colleagues paid her a tribute in all possible ways.

Janica’s agent stated that Janice Long passed away after a short illness at her house on the blessed day of Christmas. Her family was next to her.

The director-general of BBC, Tim Davie reacted to her death by saying he declared her as a “stellar presenter” who was loved throughout the whole industry. No doubt she was also very popular among the general public.

The controller of pop music at the BBC Mr. Lorne Clarke, Paid tribute to Janice Long. She stated, “Everyone in pop radio was disheartened after hearing the passing news of Janice Long. She was long cherished for her role as a talent spotter and new music champion, Amy Winehouse, and giving Frankie Goes To Hollywood their first radio sessions, along with lighting the way for female radio and TV presenters across the industry.”

People all over the world are mourning the death of the famous broadcaster Janice Long. Her death is surely a big loss to the industry. Her listeners are going to miss her on screens. Indeed Janica’s family including her husband and kids are going through a lot right now. We wish them all the strength. Our deepest condolences to her family, friends, and her loved ones.

Janice Long Wiki/Biography:

Janice Long was born on 5 April 1955. She was born in Liverpool – a village in the New York state. She grew up in Liverpool. His brother was Keith Chegwin, he also had a career in radio and television.

Before joining the BBC Radio Merseyside she was employed by Laker Airways as cabin crew and she also worked as a shop assistant. She joined the BBC Radio Merseyside in Liverpool in 1979.

Early Career:

While working in the BBC Radio Merseyside she also started her show, Streetlife for the station which was telecasted on our screens on Sunday evenings. Her main focus was local bands in the Liverpool music scene. An English synth-pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood did the first radio session for her show. Her achievement that made her way to BBC Radio 1 happened after she interviewed Paul Gambaccini for her recent afternoon show. Moreover, she was a constant on the first episode of the game show, 3-2-1.

Janice Long Net Worth:

Janice Long Net Worth at the time of her death is $1.5 Million. The broadcaster left the world on the blessed day of Christmas on 25 December 2021, leaving her coworkers and listeners in grief.

Janice Long served her career for 50 years. Her only source of income was her career. Janice Long used to make $1 Million annually. However, her monthly income is not displayed yet.

Janice Long Personal Life:

Janice married Trevor Long in 1997, the two parted ways in 1982. The two also appeared as winning contestants on the first edition of Yorkshire Television’s game show. Janice was in a relationship with Paul Berry from 1987, she married him in 2017. Janica had two children.

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