Houston Glass Accident: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

The 15-year-old Houston Glass’s family is heartbroken and inconsolable. Yesterday’s ATV accident in Baldwin County claimed a young man’s life.

This time, the incident’s circumstances are unknown; however, investigations are ongoing as authorities work to clear the events of the tragic incident.

When the family makes a decision, they will announce the funeral arrangements.

Houston Glass would have started his sophomore year at McGill-Toolen High School; he was a caring teen who respected elders and was always willing to lend a hand. His radiant smile brightens the space, and everyone is fascinated by his serene demeanour.

His father, Dr Glenn Glass, posted the statement. “Houston was the kindest, most courteous, bravest, and most loving son anyone could ever ask for,” the statement reads. Every person who knew him adored him. He loved the outdoors, his friends, and his family. In addition to being an avid hunter and fisherman, he was also my best friend. He was a great son, and we will all miss him forever.

His mother, Dr Jennifer Randolph, said the following: “He was the kindest, most kind-hearted youngster. He was the best son. He was athletic and had tons of friends. I am going to miss his hugs.”

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