In today’s horoscope, Sunday, September 6Venus, the planet related to love and your ability to love, changes to the sign of Leo so that you can have other ways to express your love.


Starting today, Venus, the planet that represents the power of attraction, will begin to activate the area of ​​love in your life and where you let all your energies flow freely.

As this influence will continue for the next four weeks, you will have a good time to express, give, and receive affection while you enjoy each moment lived.

You will be more busy having more social activities, meeting new people, and establishing new relationships because your desire to express joy, optimism, and the sympathy that you feel in your heart will increase.


Venus, which is your ruling planet and therefore its strong influence on you, passes today to the sign, Leo. As it represents what attracts you the most, with the aforementioned movement and during the next four weeks you will feel its influence on the attraction to enjoy your home and family relationships.

This will make you feel satisfied in achieving the well-being of your loved ones; particularly, through the encouragement and support, you give to their projects and convincing them that they can achieve their goals.

In this way, you will be able to unite family energy and achieve common goals faster.


Venus, the planet that represents diplomacy, kindness, and courtesy, will go through the Leo sign from today and, at the same time, will go through the house of communication of your horoscope.

You will notice this by continually expressing yourself with the aforementioned qualities. In addition, it is important that you know that each word you use will be your way of attracting those around you and those who interest you.

You will discover how much you can improve a relationship when you communicate in a more sweet and affectionate way; above all, letting what you feel the flow and expressing the feelings.


Starting today, Venus will go through the area of ​​your horoscope in which your money is reflected, your ability to attract it, and the pleasure and satisfaction of earning it.

The planet mentioned will be activating it for the next four weeks, during which time you will be noticing that your well-being and your self-gratification will have their foundations when you improve your income and when they grant you the bank loans you need.

As it will be easier for you to achieve this, you will feel happy when you see your purchasing power increase. You will be able to indulge yourself and, in addition, you will take the opportunity to do the best business. 


Today Venus, the planet associated with self-esteem, love for yourself, and the power of attraction, will pass into your sign and will stay here for four weeks. With this influence, self-confidence and social esteem are what will stand out the most in you.

In addition, you will enjoy more choosing your clothes every morning, wearing a good perfume, and taking care of your skin, because your goals will be to love yourself more and look good.

You will also notice that you will like receiving compliments more, as well as giving them since you need to feel love and to strengthen emotional bonds is now more important.


Venus is the planet that shows you what attracts you the most and what causes you happiness. Today it begins its journey through the sign of Leo and, in turn, through the sector of your horoscope in which you maintain your privacy and preserve what you do not want to be known.

With this influence, you will mobilize for those people who you know are not having a good time and you will decide to help them anonymously without showing off your collaboration.

They will also be waiting to know if someone needs you to take care of them or to make a financial contribution; always with a low profile, because this is what will make you feel good.


Today Venus, a planet associated with the act of sharing with friends, attraction, and fun, passes into Leo. At the same time, it will be activating the sector of your horoscope precisely related to friendships; therefore, the mentioned planet will exert a greater influence when feeling expanding.

You will notice this influence when your interest in knowing what your friends need grows.

You will seek to give them your affection and also your support and optimism in all their endeavors. You will be able to motivate them on the path of their dreams and you will encourage them to go after their goals.


From today and for the next almost four weeks, Venus will be activating the profession and public image area of ​​your horoscope.

As the planet mentioned is related to innate creative talent and self-esteem, these will be the qualities that you can develop to improve your reputation, be able to stand out and rise.

Your power of attraction will also grow towards important people who will notice your dedication to your profession. This will increase even more if your work is related to art, creativity, aesthetics, sports, and advertising.


For the next few weeks, Venus will shift into the sign of Leo. With this movement, the planet associated with the desire for peace, the harmony of the soul, and the refinement of customs, will increase your attraction to places and cultures far from you; the same ones in which you can find the said qualities.

All this influence will make you organize trips, as well as prepare you more in meditation or personal growth courses because you will feel totally attracted to everything that gives you internal harmony.


Venus is the planet associated with money, the pleasure of earning it, financial security, and partnerships.

Starting today and for the next almost four weeks, it will be for the Leo sign and for the area of ​​your birth chart related to shared finances, either with your partner or with partners.

With this movement, you will be attracted to create new businesses and you will feel a lot of well-being when seeing your bank balance grow like that of others. In addition, you will be willing to stimulate them by infecting them with your ability to do business while increasing their economic ambition. 


Venus, a planet related to your ability to love, will change to the sign of Leo from today and for the next four weeks. With this planetary movement, the area of ​​your personal relationships of your horoscope will be activated.

This makes it attractive for you to be more with your loved ones, either with your partner or with friends, to dedicate more of your time to them and improve the bond that unites them.

This will give you pleasure, you will feel that you do it with all your heart and you will enjoy forging ties. They are weeks in which the current of love and affection will flow alone. 


Venus is the planet associated with creative abilities, self-worth, and the conciliatory drive.

Starting today, you will be passing through the work area of ​​your horoscope and, with this influence, you will feel very comfortable completing your tasks. In this way, you can further develop and apply the qualities mentioned.

As you will also be clear about your capacity for inventiveness and genius, you will act with your colleagues in a frontal and strong way, but stimulating and guiding them so that they too can stand out.

Amelia Warner– After graduating from NYU with a master's degree in history, She was also a columnist for many local newspapers. Amelia Warner mostly covers Entertainment topics, but at times loves to write about movie reviews as well.

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