On Saturday, July 25, during a protest in Texas , a man was shot dead after approaching a car that opened fire on him, according to Austin police reports.

Katrina Ratliff, a police spokeswoman, informed the press that the event occurred before 10:00 pm during a protest in Austin. The subject, identified as Garrett Foster, was rushed to the hospital, where he died.

The driver honked his horn and accelerated against the protesters, angering Garrett Foster, who approached the car with a rifle; the man in the vehicle shot him and left the scene, according to Austin American-Statesman witness Michael Capochiano.

“The victim could have carried a rifle,” Katrina Ratliff told reporters, adding that the suspect had already been detained and was cooperating with the investigation.

The protest was an initiative of the Black Lives Matter movement and was broadcast live on Facebook. In the recording the horn and the shots are heard.

Foster was interviewed with his gun

Before the incident that ended his life, Garret Foster was interviewed by the independent journalist, Hiram Gilberto Garcia, who questioned him about his rifle.

“They no longer let us march on the streets, so I was able to practice some of our rights. If I use it against the police, I’m dead, ”said Foster.

Garret protested with his African American fiancee

Foster had decided to go to the protests for Black Lives Matter in the company of his fiancee, an African American woman.

The incident would have occurred because the driver threatened to hit the crowd, where his fiancee was, which caused Garretm’s anger, who approached the car and moments later was shot.

“I was doing it because I had great confidence in justice and was very much against police brutality. She wanted to support her African American fiancee, ”Foster’s mother told Good Morning America.

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