Dustan Biegler Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

The man from Valparaiso was studying for his pilot’s license on January 11, 2023, when the aircraft he was in crashed close to Auburn in southeast Nebraska.

According to officials, the plane left Lincoln Airport towards Auburn before disappearing.

Colton Hill, the pilot, 24, and Biegler, age 41, were both declared dead at the site.

Kuhlmann remarked that Dustan “was about as sincere as it gets.” “He flashed that broad, white smile. The place you came from and how much money you had were irrelevant; nothing mattered. Dustan didn’t give a damn; he wasn’t a judge. He was sincere, with true moral principles, beliefs, and family values.

In September 2011, Kuhlmann and Biegler launched the Lincoln company Apple Roofing. They built this company from the ground up and now have 17 sites across the country.

As a prominent figure in the sector, Biegler frequently spoke at construction conventions. He fostered a work-and-play environment at Apple Roofing throughout his tenure there, but the family was always put first. He took the time to get to know the workers’ families, and as a token of his appreciation, he took them to the Caribbean.

He believed it was crucial to make the time to get to know the families of his coworkers and mentor young professionals in the field. Biegler’s family, who he placed at the centre of all his decisions, consists of his wife and three children.

In Kuhlmann’s words, “there aren’t words that can pay Dustan a respect that is worthy of what he is to the world, what he was to his family, and what he was to his friends. The man would readily remove his shirt for anyone. He always welcomed everyone with open arms and a broad smile, regardless of where they were from or who they were.

There are no specifics about the funeral plans

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