Dr Cann Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The death news of Ghanaian radio and entertainment presenter Dr. Cann has shocked all his family, friends, and fans. Many have shown dismay by sharing their grief on different social media platforms.

According to the reports, Dr. Cann was working on 24th March 2022. However, he was not feeling well and was complaining of being restless.  His exact cause of death has not been revealed yet; we shall keep our readers updated!

In a statement to publicize the death news of the presenter by his employees, the Global Media Alliance owners of Happy FM revealed that Dr. Cann died due to a short illness. 

According to the latest news, he was asked to leave the office to go home because he couldn’t work. Dr. Can have one wife and two sons, Nigel and Nino Cann. 

Dr. Cann of Happy FM is no more!

Dr. Cann was from Saltpond, Midlands. He trained at Winebba Normal University and turned to a campus radio station in 2002 when Ekuoba Gyesi of Atinka FM was the station’s manager. His extraordinary efforts and marvelous achievements on campus radio were always praised by all groups of masses. 

His achievements led him to a recommendation by Ekuoba Gyesi and Harriet Takyi for training at GBC. However, he trained there for about four months. 

Moreover, at GBC, Dr. Cann was trained by several famous instructors such as Gertrude Opare, Charley Sam, and John Hammond. He also worked at Sunrise FM in Koforidua, GBC radio in Accra, and Radio Winbay in Cape Coast. 

His untiring efforts acquire his success. He could also DJ and do amazing interviews before hosting Showbiz Xtra. Although, he also hosted a morning show on Happy FM.

His untimely death news has put all of his family in utter shock. He was renowned as one of the best entertainment presenters in Ghana and was also nominated for numerous RTP Awards. 

We share our deep condolences with his family, friends, and fans!

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