Dj John Hershock Was Killed in a Gunshot Incident in Chinatown

Chinatown, Philadelphia: Philadelphia streets are in darkness as the community is saddened by the loss of the liveliest 38-year-old Dj John Hershock, who was shot dead while leaving the nightclub in the midnight hour.

About the incident

According to the reports, a tragic incident happened around 3 a.m. on the 1000 block of Appletree Street, which is believed to be the centre of Philadelphia. In the darkness of the night, the tragic incident took the young man’s life.
As soon as the incident happened, Law enforcement abruptly took action and reached the location after they informed regarding the emergency. Authorities found the 38-year-old man lying on the floor with excessive bleeding from his wound in the head.

Later, the deceased person was identified as the famous and lively DJ John Hershock. He was returning from the nightclub after making everyone delighted with the art of his music, but who knows that it would be his last appearance there.

He was immediately taken to the Jefferson University Hospital. Still, despite many efforts of the medical team, he couldn’t make it to life and died due to excessive bleeding and deep wounds.
Law enforcement agencies are doing an active investigation. During the investigation, two witnesses told police the shooting occurred while leaving the club on the 1000 block of Arch Street.

They heard an argument that led to a gunshot and found a man lying on the ground. Upon asking the other witnesses, they revealed they saw around 6 to 10 men run away. Police were also using surveillance cameras to find clues that helped the investigation.

John Hershock was a passionate DJ, a loving man, and a great community leader. With his disc jockeying skill, he significantly influenced people’s lives by making them happy and cheering them.

People are devastated and sending prayers to him on social media, remembering and celebrating his life and how he brought happiness to the community and the people’s hearts. Everyone will miss his passion and his art for music. People are asking for justice for him for this violence.

However, the cause behind his deadly shot is still under investigation and will be shared with us as soon as the officials share it.

Obituary and funeral

The family will share Obituary and funeral arrangements as soon as his absence leaves a void in family and friends’ hearts, so they need some time to process this bitter reality.

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