Cindy Lewis, Hofstra University Administrator, Died

Hofstra University is saddened by the loss of their most devoted administrator and senior director of the athletics department, Cindy Lewis, who died on 3 October, at the age of 79 after a prolonged cancer illness.

Upon this news, the Department of Athletics at Hofstra University mourns and celebrates her life and achievements.

Her early education

Cindy Lewis was so devoted to her education and her career. She was a resident of Farmingdale, New York. She gained her degree in physical education from Hofstra University in 1979, where she took part in women’s lacrosse student-athlete and hockey and remained associated for four seasons.

Later 1980, she pursued her master’s degree from the University of New Hampshire. This education led her to return to Hofstra University, where she became hockey and women’s lacrosse head coach.

Cindy Lewis career

Cindy Lewis recently celebrated her 43rd year of tenure at Hofstra University. She was a member of the Hofstra athletic administration and also a senior director of athletics. Apart from her administrative services, she also holds the department senior women administrator and fiscal manager position.
Not only this, but she was also a member of the collegiate women’s lacrosse officiating association board of directors, where she contributed to the growth and uplifted the organization.

She has also served NCAA volleyball and was declared a chairperson of the volleyball Committee in 1955, where she also presented her services as a site representative at NCAA volleyball and lacrosse championships and participated in many NCAA championships events at Hofstra University.

In 2020, she attended the Long Island Metropolitan Lacrosse Foundation Hall of Fame, and in 2022, she attended the Hofstra Athletics Hall of Fame.
Cindy Lewis has played a vital part in the organization’s growth and betterment; as an athlete, she taught unity, vigilance, and dedication in the playfield.

Her loss will be remember by the entire Hofstra University community and athletics department. She was awarded CAA’s John H. Randolph Inspiration Award for her work excellence.


Upon losing this wonderful and successful woman, the entire Hofstra University is mourning and sharing their heartfelt messages in her remembrance. President Susan Poser shared a heartfelt message that says

“Cindy made a lasting and profound impact on the lives of many at Hofstra in her over four-decade career at the University. She was, in many ways, the heart and soul of Hofstra Athletics. We will miss her terribly and have plans to honor her legacy.”

Director of Athletics and Vice President Rick Cole Jr. says,

“The Hofstra Athletics family is devastated by Cindy’s passing, During her illustrious tenure at Hofstra, Cindy wore a variety of hats, but the one thing that was at the forefront of everything she did was a love of the University, her co-workers, and, most importantly, Hofstra’s student-athletes. She went above and beyond to ensure each student-athlete had the best experience possible. Everyone who came in contact with Cindy loved her, and she will be greatly missed by so many. My thoughts go out to her family and friends at this difficult time.”

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