Cherie Gil Cause Cause Of Death: Obituary, Funeral, Illness

Actress Cherie Gil, a prominent figure in Filipino cinema, has died. La Primera Contravida, a talented actress noted for her roles, passed away on Friday, August 5, at 59. For some time, she had been battling cancer. The family asked for some time to prepare for her funeral.

The foreign media and the Filipino business community have been flooded with news of her passing. On social media, people are expressing their condolences for her.

As of yet, no cause of death or other information has been released. People are paying their regards to her on social media. But it’s unclear what caused her demise.

Cherie Gil was the daughter of singer-actors Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil, as well as the sister of Michael de Mesa and Mark Gil. She had two children with musician Rony Rogoff, Bianca, and Raphael. Jeremiah David, her son from a previous relationship with actor Leo Martinez, is her child (Jay). Twenty years of marriage ended in divorce for her in 2008.

In addition to expressing their sorrow over her tragic passing, Her friends and colleagues in the entertainment world also pay tribute to the star.

At the 2015 ASEAN International Film Awards, she won Best Supporting Actress, Cherie Gill won the prestigious “Best Actress” prize. In addition, she won the “Best Leading Actress in a Foreign Language Film” prize at the 2015 Madrid International Film Festival for her work. In the category of “Best Supporting Actress,” she also received her first Gawad Urian Award in 2019. Over the course of a nearly 50-year career, Gil earned the title of “quintessential kontrabida” in Philippine cinema.

Gil moved from the Philippine entertainment industry to New York in February of this year. She had added, “I got away of all the clothes I owned that symbolized a prior existence,” when discussing the relaunch of her life. I’m finally discovering who I am and accepting who I am. It’s lovely to be alive and to have this chance to start over. It resembles a kind of rebirth.

In 2022, Gil was worth $5 million. She inspired a lot of young actors during her lifetime. Therefore, her contributions to the acting world will endure forever.

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