Bobby Power, a Fitness Trainer at Proper Gym, Has Sadly Passed Away

The Fitness and Proper Gym community in Manchester, United Kingdom, grapples with huge loss and grief as they lose one of their amazing and distinctive fitness personality.

Bobby Power, who was a great personal trainer, had an incredible sense of body composition and physique and knew how to mould clients and athletes, motivate and guide them, has sadly left this world on the sad day of 29 Feb 20204 after battling a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

He courageously and valiantly fights this pancreatic cancer. His fitness hassle, dedication, and enthusiasm didn’t get low; he overcame his illness more bravely and continued to have a truly positive stance for fitness. He became an inspiration and set an example for many. He tried introducing innovative fitness training ideas and contributing positively to the fitness world.

As this sad news was announced through social media, everyone, including his close ones, family, and friends, was in profound sadness and heavy-hearted over his ultimate loss, remembering and missing him, sharing their memories with Bobby and paying tributes and condolences to him over their social media and pray for his hereafter.

Amanda Joyce has shared on Facebook,

“Rest in peace, Bobby Power Proper Gym

Thinking of your wife, girls, family, and friends at this heartbreaking time.”

Bobby Power Career:

Bobby wasn’t an ordinary fitness trainer; his dedication and great embodiment of passion towards this field were undeniable. He attended Moston Brook High School and joined Proper Gym in 2015 as a personal trainer.

Bobby wanted to transform his clients in the best possible way, healthily and safely. He used to learn new tips and training methods for himself and his fitness freak training partners or newcomers who wanted to transform their bodies and guide the athletes to achieve more. He had extensive knowledge of human body composition, including physiology, nutrition and other factors influencing body mass, so he advised his clients in the best possible ways.

His sense of understanding, communication and skills set him apart from other trainers, and everyone wanted to get training under his influence and experience. Fitness was his passion, and he made his training sessions more creative by adding his engaging and dedicated skills and techniques. No doubt he was a great fitness freak; despite his courageous battle with cancer, he didn’t let his passion down and didn’t feel his self low; however, he fought bravely and continuously added his part in this field and transformed bodies and motivated others that nothing can become a huddle in your ways if you have true dedication and extraordinary courage towards your interest and passion.

Details regarding the funeral services and last rituals will be announced by the family soon so everyone will get a chance to pay their final goodbye and prayers to their fitness idol. They will remember his legacy, and the gap left after his death won’t be filled by anyone. May his soul rest in peace.

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