Autumn Tennison Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Seaver College student, Autumn Tennison is dead. Pepperdine University confirms the passing of the member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Autumn Tennison.

Reportedly, Autumn passed away on 7 March 2022 which was the start of the week Monday. 

Tennison was a BA student, her interest was creative writing. Moreover, she was a third-year student. Tennison graduated from Robinson High School.

The young Tennison was tall in height and good in looks. Her cute accent can get anyone’s attention easily. Tennison was a very fun-loving and a god’s child. She strongly believes in the existence of God and his creations.

Lisa smith the assistant professor of English in the Seaver College talked about Tennison’s spiritual love. She states, “I spoke with Autumn while she was writing her spiritual autobiography for my spiritual writing class, and she shared with me her belief in the strength of God’s love for everyone and how she had experienced his love for herself. She had a heart that truly cared for others and shared with me about times that she had poured herself into helping others who struggled.”

Cause Of Death:

For now, no cause of death has been reportedly discussed in the media. So, Autumn Tennison’s official cause of death remains unknown. 

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