Austin Coffey Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

A nearby group of friends and a loving Saint Charles, Missouri, family are in mourning over the suspected suicide attempt of their son, friend, father, and brother.

After a protracted battle with mental illness, Austin Coffey of Saint Charles, Missouri, passed away on January 29, 2023, in what appears to have been a suicide. If left untreated, anxiety and depression can be fatal. His family is heartbroken by the young man’s unexpected death in Saint Charles.

No information was released on the funeral rituals, although his friends and family expressed their sympathies and mourning on social media.

I’m speechless after reading about Austin Coffey at work; you were a natural person and a lovely friend. Please accept my prayers for your family. a Large dog flying high

I’ve dreaded writing this post for the past twelve hours, but it wouldn’t be fair to Austin Coffey if I didn’t. You were the best older brother I’ve ever had, and words can’t even begin to express how much you meant to me. Coffey’s younger sister wrote: “Thank you for always being there and guarding me just like you always would. The IWA Basketball Team has established a platform to coordinate a meal train to support the grieving family during this trying time.

“The countless party nights, the times you crashed in my bed because it was “the cosiest bed ever,” the constant laughter, the times you carried me up the stairs when I broke my ankle, and the numerous occasions you and Seth skipped school and I would find you guys playing Xbox in the basement are things I’ll never forget.
I will always treasure those memories, baby. “Riley described the special moment that came after the sudden death of her sibling.

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