This Tuesday at the age of 90, George Gordon Liddy , the FBI agent who, together with Howard Hunt (of the CIA), planned and executed two entrances to the offices of the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate complex in Washington DC in 1972.

His death occurred in Mount Vernon, in Virginia, at the home of his daughter Alexandra, as confirmed by his son Thomas and reported by The New York Times .

According to the announcement, the man had long suffered from Parkinson’s , with a plummeting state of health. Thomas also pointed out that his father’s death was not due to covid-19.

Although the first entry was successful, in the second the police arrested those who Liddy and Hunt sent to the scene . They were both in close proximity, managing the operation remotely.

But they were eventually arrested and the case became a national, and global issue, when it was revealed that the White House, then seeking the reelection of Richard Nixon , had mounted a cover-up network in favor of men.

Previously, both had entered the house of the psychiatrist who revealed the Pentagon Papers , documents with which the public finally learned the real involvement of the US government in Vietnam and its other actions in Laos and Cambodia.

After years of controversy, Liddy was tried and sent to prison for four years and four months convicted of robbery, conspiracy and illegal wiretapping .

Although at first the scandal did not attract much attention, it began to grow with the attention and investigation of the press , which managed to uncover an aggressive campaign of sabotage and espionage since the Nixon campaign.

The pressure reached such a point that the president decided to resign from the presidency on August 8, 1974, before being constitutionally charged.

After imprisonment, Liddy became a very successful radio host. Hunt, his plot partner, died in Miami in 2007. For the same crimes, the man spent 33 months in jail .