Alanis Ogundipe Suicide, Nigerian man Oladapo Shares Heartbreaking Story of Daughter

In a tragic turn of events, the most heart-wrenching news has been circulating on social media, which caused mental distress to people by the shocking circumstances of the death of Alanis Ogundipe, who committed suicide in Manchester after being mentally tortured by her boyfriend.

Alanis Ogundipe Suicide, what happened to her?

Alanis Ogundipe was a daughter of Nigerian parents in Britain who faced the most challenging phase of their lives after the shocking death of their daughter. Her father, Oladapo Ogundipe, explained the events that led to his daughter’s death in May 2023 by suicide after being involved in a relationship with a man named Ryan Leggetts.

He explained that he always discouraged his daughter from getting involved in any kind of relationship to properly focus on her career, but Ryan suddenly came into her life despite preventing his daughter from getting into a relationship with him. They never had any argument in their relationship, which made Alanis stick to him. However, after some time, Alanis became more vulnerable in her deeds.

He further explained that Ryan showed himself as a rich man and promised her daughter to marry, which is why he took her to Spain, but he lied about his wealth. Her father revealed that Alanis’s mental deterioration started when Ryan started to shout at her and demanded a bank statement and money from her.

He further revealed that Ryan got unauthorized access to Alanis’s phone, hacked her phone, and threatened Alanis for leaking her personal information to the public.

The continuous blackmail led her to an emotional toll, which made her commit suicide. Alanis had also spoken to her mother about everything between her and Ryan. After being emotionally abused and misusing technology, she committed suicide by leaping in front of a moving train in Manchester on May 29, 2023.

The shocking circumstances of Alanis’s death have greatly affected her parents as they had to bear a significant loss of their lives that lasted forever with them. The investigation has actively been underway by the British police detective inspector Jonny Dyer. Authorities are thoroughly examining the incidents of emotional abuse in society and the preventive measures to minimize these abuse and emotional incidents in the future.

The Alanis Ogundipe incident provides an urgent need for a proper understanding of digital abuse and the implementation of strategies that ensure no other victim could be exploited by anyone. Digital safety is everyone’s right, and emotional distress caused by technology can significantly destroy someone’s mental peace.

Funeral services

The funeral service of Alanis Ogundipe will be released later by her family members.

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