Aiden James Harrison Smith, a Young Waukee Youth Footballer Died In an Accident

Aiden James Harrison Smith, a young boy known for his amiable demeanour and a part of the Waukee youth football team, has unexpectedly passed away in a tragic accident that occurred the past weekend. The sad turn of his life ended his future dreams of becoming an athlete, and the news of his death was followed by heartfelt condolences to those who had shared their moment with him.

What happened to Aiden James?

Aiden James lost his life in a tragic accident on 2nd December 2023 on Saturday. The family has not yet disclosed the exact circumstances that led to his untimely death in an accident at the time of this publication. No information is available regarding any factors related to the cause of the accident. The details will soon be informed once it is available. Till then, it is essential to celebrate his life and his impact on people’s lives.

Who was Aiden James?

Aiden James was a promising young Waukee youth football team member. He was known for his genuine and friendly nature. He was always the one who never let his friends feel alone and lightened up their moods with his funny demeanour.

As a player, he showed remarkable sportsmanship, prowess, and enthusiasm toward his sports. Watching him play on the field was always refreshing for others due to his energetic performances. His passion and dedication to football connected him with many people and made a lasting impression on their lives. He was an inspiration for his teammates due to his competitiveness. He did not set his example to his teammates only but extended his impact on his opponents and earned great respect from them.

Aiden was the epitome of kindness and blessed with great humour, which he applied on and off the field. He was the light to his parent’s lives, and the sudden death has left them scared and heartbroken.


A GoFundMe has been set up with the title “In Memory Of Aiden James Harrison Smith” to help Aiden’s family arrange his funeral and other related expenses during adversity.

Organizer: Jill Gentile is organizing the fund.

Fund: $18,118 has been organized with 248 donations; however, the goal was to reach $10000

Obituary and funeral

Obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared soon by family members.

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