YNW Melly Net Worth (2022), Bio, Car, Girlfriend, Hookups

YNW Melly Net Worth In 2022

Jamell Maurice Demons, aka YNW Melly, was born on May 1, 1999. YNW Melly is famous for his songs “Murder on my mind,” “Mixed Personalities( Featuring Kanye West ),” “Suicidal,” & “223’s”. His song Melly vs. Melly peaked at #8 on the Billboard 200. YNW was charged and arrested for one-degree murder, an intentional and planned killing. As of 2022, YNW Melly Net Worth is $100 Thousand.

YNW Melly’s net worth, age, height, kids, relationships, hookups, girlfriend, wife, wiki, salary, income statement, and much more.

Real NameJamell Maurice Demons
Date Of Birth
May 1, 1999
NicknameYNW Melly
Mother’s nameNot Known
Father’s nameNot Known
Age22 years old
AssociatedKanye West, Fredo Bang
Net Worth$100 Thousand


Jamell Maurice Demons, aka YNW Melly, was born on May 1, 1999, in Florida. A single mother raised him; her mother got pregnant at a very early age; she decided to give birth to young Melly, even though she was in grade nine. Her mother struggled a lot to provide all the necessities to Melly. Unfortunately, we have no such information about his father, as Donte claims to be his father. God Bless Melly’s mother; being a single parent is not an easy thing.

Melly joined the blood gang when he was very young. He did not give a damn about his studies, and he was involved in many things; YNW Melly was once charged for showcasing firearms in public, for which he was in prison for several months. He was also involved in shooting a group of students near Vero Beach.

During his early 15, he created his SoundCloud account, and he started uploading songs.

NW Melly Net Worth & Career:

Demon opted for Young Melly as his name in 2016; when he was incarnated, he released his first EP Collect Call, featuring Lil Baby and John Wicks. 2018 was followed by eight singles, Virtual, Melly the Menace, Slang That Iron, 4 Real, Butter Pecan, Medium fries, and others. The music video won the hearts of people & got Millions of views on Youtube. In addition, one of his mixtapes, I AM YOU, featured 192 at the Billboard 200.

Soon he collaborated with Kanye West and Fredo bang for mixed personalities. He has more than 200 million streams on Spotify with millions of monthly listeners. Murder on the mind and I AM YOU are one of the most listened to songs.


He spent one year in jail due to the discharge of firearms in public. He also shot a group of three students at Vero Beach High School. YNW Melly was arrested on October 1, 2015.

He was again arrested on June 30, 2018. Again, he was involved in drug paraphernalia.

He was again charged for possession of marijuana; people involved in this are usually charged with a $1000 fine or are arrested for at least one year.

In February 2018, he was charged with one-degree murder.

The demon was infected by COVID-19; due to his health conditions, he is in the process of getting an early release from prison. He was also released from prison due to Asthma.

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Personal Life, Wife, Family & Kids:

YNW Melly is currently single; we have no information about his girlfriend, ex, hookups, and kids. He is not married to anyone, nor does he have kids. YNW Melly was arrested and charged with one-degree murder on October 26, 2018.

Is YNW a Billionaire?

YNW Melly Net Worth:

Jamell Maurice Demons, aka YNW Melly, was born on May 1, 1999. YNW Melly Net Worth in 2022 is $100 Thousand. His primary source of income was Rapping. He made his $100 Thousand net worth through rapping.

Five Interesting Facts You Do Not Know About YNW Melly:

Is YNW Melly Gay?

YNG Melly is straight; he has no time for relationships, but he is not gay. So he invests more of his time in building up his career and earning money. He is currently in prison for a one-degree murder charge.

Was YNW Melly born via surrogacy?

LOL, This is one of the biggest rumors we have come across. So many sites publish these kinds of rumors to create buzz. YNW Melly does have a father, but he has not revealed it to the media yet. Her mother got pregnant at a very young age and decided to give birth to YNW Melly even though she was in grade nine.

How long will YNW Melly be in jail?

Well, we have no idea how long he will be in jail. Therefore, we should stay calm and should try not to interpret this matter.

Did YNW Melly set a forest on fire?

Yes, YNW Melly once set a forest on fire. Along with his friends, he set the forest on fire, for which his mother beat him up.

Well, We hope you enjoyed reading about YNW Melly. We tried our level best to gather all the possible information. Pardon! If we missed anything or if it didn’t go according to our taste.

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