LazarBeam Net Worth: How Rich Is The Youtuber Actually In 2022?

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LazarBeam is an Australian YouTuber. As of 2022, LazarBeam’s net worth is summed up to be around $25 million. He is most recognized for having over 21 million subscribers.

LazarBeam’s initial start-up began in January 2015 when he first started his YouTube channel. Videos of Madden’s trials encouraged him to increase his reach and develop his network. He is at the top of the race, using his tremendous skills and humor in the gameplays of major computer games such as Fortnight, GTA, Fallout, and the NBA 2016.

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Full NameLazarBeam
Birth Date 14th December 1995
Birth PlaceSouth Wales, Australia
Profession Youtuber and Live streamer
Age 27 years
Net Worth$25 million

Early Life and Education

The birthplace of Lannan Eacott is New South Wales, Australia. Lannan has always been attracted to digital playgrounds and video games. He’s pretty private with his parent information, but now he’s just left his parents and settled in Sydney with his sister Tanner. Tanner is also a YouTuber with over 900,000 subscribers. He has two brothers, too.

He dropped his high school education in the middle and began working hard for his career. Before Lannan started his digital platform career, he went for pilot training but failed in the license trial.

Rise to Stardom

Lannan Eacott is an Australian famous YouTube gamer. At first, he used to upload videos about games, i.e., Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto 5, Madden NHL 16, NBA 2K16, The Sims 4, Cause 3, Fallout 4, and the Poly Bridge on his YouTube channel LazarBeam.

Starting in January 2015, he quickly got fans with his wild and innovative challenge videos of Madden NFL 16. It took him only three years and a half to reach five million members on his channel. Besides challenge videos, he posts videos, vlogs, questions, and more. His videos generally include his family and his favorite dog ‘Willeh.’

He had another YouTube channel, ‘Crush Slash,’ for a brief time, posting footage of him that smashed construction equipment. He is a supporter of Rooster Teeth Productions and has visited its set in the USA. His fans are called Bloody Legends.

LazarBeam With His Fortnite Skin

The skin of LazarBeam was introduced to the gamer as an honor. He joined a league of global sensations such as Ninja and Lachlan Power, both with their in-game skins. This outfit includes a toolbox and a hard hat depicting his old career.

Who’s LazarBeam Girlfriend?

Lazer dates his current pal Ilsa Watkins, who is one of Instagram’s most famous faces. The beautiful hunk Lannan fits wonderfully with beauty queen Ilsa; their followers hail this connection throughout social media.

How Much Money LazarBeam Earn From YouTube?

The channel had more than 21 million subscribers by 2022 and had more than 8 billion views to date. It is expected to generate an estimated $34,000 per day ($12 million per year) through video adverts.

You tubers based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia usually receive $2-$12 for every 1000 monetized views after youTube’s cut-off. Views with monetization options typically range from 40 to 80 percent of the total views.

These elements are controlled by numerous factors such as the device, time of year, viewers’ position, ad inventory, how many commercials are on the video, how many people skip ads, advertisement kind, advertising commitment, content type, etc.

The cost of an advertisement depends on a viewing auction between advertisers. Advertisers are required to bid at least $0.01 per view.

LazarBeam Net worth

Despite being so influential in the celebrity scene, he has also hit the jackpot in terms of income. LazarBeam net worth is estimated at an astounding 24 million dollars. His primary revenue stream is the YouTube channel that raises over one million dollars per year and his commercials revenue, which he routinely works on.


Indeed, Lannan is relatively modest and loves living a quiet profile, unlike many rich celebs that show fortune and blindness. Nobody knows which mansion the star has or what a luxury car he has.

The player performed multiple gigs before playing and even worked at a building company, while Lannan maintains a second channel for stuff he does not think is good enough for his mainstream channel.

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