Holderness Family Net Worth 2022: Income, Facts, Family, Bio

Holderness Family Net Worth: Holderness family owns their own YouTube and Facebook channels. The family belongs to the United States of America. The family has created fun materials such as parodies, vlogs to poke fun of themselves, songs, and skits. At present, Holderness Family Net Worth is estimated to be $259.23 thousand. The family gained immense fame back in 2013 when they released a parody of “Will Smith.” This video went viral on YouTube very quickly and got more than 15 million views in one week.

Net Worth 2022

Holderness Family Names (members) Penn (father), Kim (mother), Lola (daughter), Penn Charles (son)
Age Penn-46, Kim-45, Lola-14, Penn Charles-11
Birth Place America
Current Residence America
Religion Not Known
Occupation YouTubers
Official Sites Holderness Family Website
Net Worth 2022 $259.23 Thousand

Biography of Holderness Family

There are four members in the Holderness family, father (Penn), mother (Kim), daughter (Lola), and son (Penn Charles). Penn is Chief Creative Officer, and Kim is an Executive Officer in their own company. Currently, the family is living in Raleigh, North Carolina, in America.

Holderness family has been running their YouTube channel since September. 2011. And yet, they have uploaded up to 623 videos on YouTube. They go to Methodist church and visit cafeteria-style every Sunday to create some fantastic stuff over there. Both the kids give a very brief appearance in the videos.

Penn was born on October 13, 1974, in Durham, North Carolina. His father was a Presbyterian; his mother was an educator, while his brother was an accountant and DJ. He went to Durham’s Charles E Jordan High School. He was a player of basketball and a choral music student. He graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia University.

Kim Dean, who is the wife of Penn, was born in Florida. She was a member of the Dazzlers dance team. She got her degree in telecommunication in 1998 and has also worked as a television reporter in Florida.

When Kim was working in the local news channel, she met with Penn. They got married in 2005 and have two children. After careers in journalism, they also worked for a video production company name is Greenroom Communications. In 2013 they formed their own company “Holderness Family Production.”

Holderness Family Net Worth & Career

Holderness family released their first parody video in 2013 on YouTube and got the fame quickly. Their videos get viral so quickly and got appreciation from their viewers. They made several viral parodies back in 2020. When the COVID-19 hit, they also made some skits and a Hamilton melody about wearing a mask.

Holderness family released a frozen parody called “Its Vaccination Day” in March 2022. In this video, they showed their reactions to securing a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. Holderness published two very famous books. The books have personal experiences of the Holderness family, a lot about their successful marriage life, and how to improve communication in a relationship. Holderness family is working with some brands also. They have an Instagram account, where they also have a huge fan following.

Daily Income of Holderness

They earn $608 daily and $4,254 weekly from the videos they upload on the channel. The daily average earnings from their channels depend on language, price, and current audience. The highest daily views are 219.09K, and the lowest daily views during the period are 52.20K.

Per Month Income

Holderness family is the richest and most popular on YouTube as star family. They got at least 1.08 million views per month. The monthly Income of the Holderness Family is $ 21,155. They have a 2.1% average growth of audience per week and 8.4% monthly growth compared to the previous period.

Annual Income

Making the value $64.81 thousand a year, the Holderness family earns $4.32 thousand a month. Their annual earnings are approximately $96K. And, overall Holderness Family Net Worth is estimated to be $259.23 thousand.

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Facts About

  • They are famous for creating content online.
  • Their YouTube channel has 687,000 subscribers that watch their music and parody videos.
  • They have uploaded 623 videos on YouTube.
  • They have some other sources of income, including other social media accounts, consulting, and authoring some books.
  • They also work alongside agencies and brands to shape products launches and marketing companies.


Holderness family has published the following books:

  • Improving communication in a marriage
  • Everybody Fights

Holderness Family Net Worth

Holderness family is an internet family known for its immense presence on different platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. Holderness Family Net Worth is $259.23 thousand, which is expected to rise in the future. And they are also an inspiration for several other families.

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