Filthy Slot Net Worth: How Rich Is The YouTuber Actually In 2022?

Filthy Slot Channel is an American YouTube channel with over 42.90K subscribers. It started nine years ago and has 676 uploaded videos. Videos on the track are posted in the Lifestyle, Video game culture categories. According to various analyses, Wikipedia, and different websites, the estimated net worth of Filthy Slot is $300k.

Channel name: Filthy Slot
Subscribers: 42.90K
Total Videos: 676
Net Worth: $300k
Salary: $5.4K to $86.5K


According to Filthy Slot, there is logic to my madness in that I prefer “quality betting vs quantity betting.” I play cards wisely, and since I started when this whole trip began, it has gained me millions in payouts.

I am a 32-year-old high-limit slot player who has achieved Top Tier status at nearly all of the casinos in Southern California and Las Vegas thus far. However, please don’t mistake this for bragging. What sets me aside from the rest is that I didn’t start gambling high limit with a ton of money.

On the side, I earned licenses as a tow truck driver and a personal trainer, and these two occupations paid for all of my high-stakes gambling. Not many people can say this, but gambling genuinely improved my life. I was able to monetize my YouTube channel because of it successfully. I get to stay in the most luxurious hotels and eat the best meals at the best casinos. Anyone can accomplish anything if one person can.

I believe that if one person can do it, so can anyone. Simply be passionate, set your “life” gps to your desired end destination, and keep driving. That is how I have lived my life, and it has led me down some amazing roads, opportunities for which I am eternally grateful.

Youtube Income

Daily: $300
Weekly: $2000
Monthly: $9000
Yearly: $150k
Income Source: youtube and social media

Social Links

Youtube Channel:
Tiktok Channel
Instagram: filthy_slot_channel_

Filthy Slot Net Worth

If we look into Filthy Slot Channel’s earnings on YouTube, we can estimate that they range from $451 to $7.2K per month. The expected annual salary ranges from $5.4K to $86.5K. Around $300k would be Filthy Slot’s total assets or net worth. He is highly successful, and his primary source of money stems from his work on YouTube.

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