Who Is Raquel Becker From “Guerreros 2021″

The athlete Raquel Becker after having participated for the second time in the “Exatlón Estados Unidos”, is now part of the cobra team in “Guerreros “.

“ Guerreros ”, one of the most successful programs on Channel 5 since June 15, 2020, is preparing to broadcast its second season on June 7, after it was postponed due to the death of the program’s producer, Magda Rodríguez.

The 2021 “ Guerreros  edition will feature new faces. As if that were not enough, the Televisa Group confirmed that Mauricio Barcelata and Tania Rincón will continue as hosts of the famous reality show, as well as the conduction of the program will be under the hand of María Noguerón.

Among the participants of the 2021 edition in the cobra team, we have Gutty Carrera, Brandon Castañeda, Dariana García, Nicola Porcella, Sina Estrada, Jous Rodri, Lolo Roho, and Raquel Becker, who participated in the fifth season of “Exatlón Estados Unidos”; the latter attracted a lot of attention. Therefore, this is what is known about the athlete.


Raquel Becker was born on April 13, 1992, in Mexico. Since she was little she has done sports, from the age of five to twelve she practiced gymnastics, then the Olympic lifts became her daily bread and she is currently an athlete who practices parkourclimbing, swimming, goes to the gym, and performs martial arts.

Currently, Raquel is a famous, recognized athlete and expert athlete in parkour who participated in 2018  in the “Exatlón Estados Unidos”, in this edition she was in sixth place. After 3 years she returned for her rematch to the “Exatlón All-Star”, but she was one of the first two to leave. Raquel was recently announced as one of the participants of “Guerreros 2021 “.

The athletic career of Raquel Becker has not only been covered in the world of sports, as she has also managed to perform as an actress in different television projects in which we can mention “The Lord of the Skies”, where she was twice the number of actress Karla Carillo. She also appeared in series such as “Las Malcriadas” and “Atrapada

Becker before participating in the “Exatlón United States”, was a participant in the Mexican reality “Stronghold: The challenge sacred” program, which debuted in the year 2017 on Tv Azteca in which he managed to position itself in second place. After this, Raquel became one of the athletes most loved by the public and followers of the program.

Raquel is a person who trusts her work is part of her philosophy, the passion with which she works in all areas has allowed her to see that trying her best will bring positive results. Being highly disciplined, she focuses her determination both in her workouts and in her diet in order to improve her physical performance.

Being surrounded by athletes has motivated her to continue despite the bad days; always seeks to infect others with her energy and invite them to never give up in the pursuit of their dreams despite the adversity that may arise.

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