Vicente Fernández’s Son Clarified Rumors About The Death Of The Singer

Vicente Fernández Jr., son of the popular Mexican singer, denied rumors about his father’s death from brain death.

The importance of not believing in everything that is on the Internet. Vicente Fernández Jr., son of the famous Mexican singer, put an end to the rumors about the supposed death of his father this Tuesday, October 12. Through his social networks, the artist’s eldest son denied the singer-songwriter’s brain death, in addition to criticizing the medium that published the news.

Hours after the alleged death of Vicente Fernández was made known, his son raised his voice on his official Instagram account to clarify the rumors that arose around his father, after an official statement from the Medical report of the singer, where his family assured that his condition was stable.

Regarding the news that gave the green light to the endless rumors, Alejandro Fernández’s older brother was blunt on his social networks, from where he sent a forceful message to all his father’s followers and to the magazine that began with the ‘scandal’ . Right at his strong words, Vicente Fernández Jr. uploaded the irresponsible front page clipping with the news.

“Good evening! It is very sad to see how news is invented, totally invented with the aim of profit with my father’s public  (…) the magazine will have to prove the veracity of its report. IT IS DISGUSTING THAT THE PUBLIC IS FOOLED IN SUCH A WAY and I support it along with my whole family, ” wrote, indignant, the eldest son of ‘Charro de Huentitán’.

According to the famous cover of this magazine, Vicente Fernández, who has been hospitalized in Guadalajara for more than two months due to health problems, would have suffered brain death on October 12 after his lungs were about to collapse. In addition, the aforementioned medium revealed that the Mexican singer would have ulcers on his body, all this already denied by his 57-year-old son.

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