Roberto González Died: How Did Composer Roberto González Die?

The Sindicato Rupestre Twitter account reported the death of Veracruz composer Roberto González at the age of 68. The reason for his death is still unknown, however, months ago it was revealed that he was facing a fight against cancer.

Roberto González was one of the most prominent composers of the so-called rock movement in Mexico. This musical movement took place in the 1980s and featured musicians such as Rodrigo GonzálezJaime LópezRafael CantanaEmilia Almazán, and Cecilia Toussaint.

Roberto González was born on September 24, 1952, in Alvarado, Veracruz, however, he grew up in Mexico City after his family moved to the capital in the 1960s.

While attending a show at the Arena México, which was held in support and solidarity with Chilean society after the coup by Pinochet, the composer from Veracruz fell in love with music. His first presentation took place in 1973 at La Peña El Nagual in Coyoacán . El Huerto is one of the best-known and most representative songs among his works.

His songs were characterized by addressing social problems.

One of the first groups of mythical composers was Real de Catorce. Roberto’s first album is entitled Lentejuelas, which came out in 1982, and his last production was in 2011 with an album called Por Ahora. Unfortunately, only Roberto and Jaime: Sesiones con Emilia is available on Spotify, which was released in 1980.

“Everything I’ve done comes from rock and son. It is nothing new. Many role-players and people who make music in this city have these two basic influences, sometimes seasoned with personal things, “said the composer from Veracruz in an interview for the newspaper La Jornada.

One of his last appearances on the scene occurred on June 16, 2017, when he performed with his daughter Julia González Larson and the group La Juerga in the vicinity of the Instituto Mexicano de la Radio (IMER).

Several users on social networks, mainly on Twitter, and musicians from the independent scene have lamented such an event. One of the first to speak on the subject was Israel Ramírez, vocalist of the group Belafonte Sensacional, as well as the official account of the legendary venue Multiforo Cultural Alicia and, in turn, the host Fernanda Tapia.

On May 7, in commemoration of his career, a virtual concert was held at the home of the Puebla composer Carlos Arrellano. Francisco Barrios, El Mastuerzo, founder of Los Nakos y Botellita de Jerez, performed his song Cercana Lejanía, as well as shared a couple of words dedicated to Roberto González: “It is a love song, Roberto, of love for the whole, for all this love that we have for you, for all the complicities my carnal. ‘Cercana Lejanía’, with much love, I love you, Roberto ”.

This concert was broadcast through Facebook and lasted 2 hours.

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