Ximena Moctezuma, Natasha’s aunt, confirmed the news through social networks. According to Mexican media reports, the young woman was 24 years old, lived in New York, suffered from lung disease and epilepsy. The cause of her death is unknown.

This September 3, the Mexican media reported the death of Natasha Moctezuma Pasquel, half-sister of Frida Sofía. According to the information released, the young woman died in New York at the age of 24.

So far the cause of her death is unknown, however, it was known that she suffered from epilepsy and suffered from lung disease.

According to information from the show ‘Come joy’, Pablo Moctezuma and Beatriz Pasquel, Natasha’s parents, as well as her uncle Pedro Moctezuma, traveled to the United States.

Ximena Moctezuma, Pablo’s sister, confirmed the news through an emotional farewell letter on Instagram: ” Although the void today is immense and I cannot reason for your absence. You filled my heart so much that you live in me. From you, I learned resilience. From you, I learned how to rebuild you as many times as necessary. Only you with a smile and I always Grinch haha! I loved to witness how you became a woman. It happened so quickly. ”

All our secrets I keep with me. You can tell mine to God that I know that you are there with him. I love you with all my being. See you soon! Meanwhile here is your soul with me, I feel her in everything moment. Good love “, is part of what she wrote.

Frida Sofía has shown on social networks that they were very close and called her “her little angel” and “the love of her life.”

Natasha lived in New York with her maternal grandmother, as she left Mexico to receive medical attention to help her with her ills.

Just on July 21, Frida Sofía congratulated her sister on her birthday: “Watching you grow up and see the woman you have become takes my breath away. Beautiful, you have taught me so much about life … You are my favorite person in the universe. You are the strongest, the most intelligent, the most generous and you have such a big heart and are full of pure love. I admire you for being so noble and for always being by my side. For listening to me and for never judging me … You are my strength and it is an honor and gift from God to have you as my sister. I love you mushroom. ”

In 2019 Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter asked for prayers for the health of her half-sister in a message on Instagram.

“I feel great for you. You inspire me to live. You inspire me to see the beauty of life. You inspire me to fight for my dreams. You inspire me to be noble. You inspire me to be patient. You inspire me and remove me from evil and from all darkness with your light that radiates a love so pure and sincere that there are no words to describe it. ”
“You are a warrior! Today one stage ends and a better one begins. I ask you for prayer so that my sister Natasha goes well and that her recovery is quick and that she feels good,” wrote Frida Sofía in 2019.

For her part, that same year Natasha shared in the same social network that her health had declined: “Today more than ever I believe in myself, in my ability and my talent for languages, in my security and love for me, in my strength because life has put me many health tests and I have beaten him in everything, “she wrote on Instagram, as reported by ‘Come joy’.

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