Luis De Alba Confirmed His Hospitalization After Suffering A Spectacular Fall

The comedian explained how the accident occurred and explained that he will remain under medical surveillance to undergo the corresponding tests.
Luis de Alba, the television comedian, suffered a spectacular fall that led him to be hospitalized for a bone fracture.

The comedian’s digital social networks clarified the information that some media already spread. In the words of Luis de Alba himself, the events took place in the city of Monterrey.

The well-known interpreter of El pirruris was in an interview in the royal area where he had a delicate stumble.

The prominent consequence of this misfortune was the periprosthetic fracture of the comedian’s right femur. The affected area is centralized in the waist.

After the fall, Luis de Alba was rushed to a recognized hospital in the city of Monterrey.

The comedian informs that various studies will be carried out and there will be an imminent surgery to revitalize the area affected by the blow.

The procedure is common, but conditions vary depending on the person affected. Luis de Alba hopes to be operated on successfully and prevent his fracture from getting worse.

To end his official statement, the comedian thanked the concern expressed by his fans and friends in the middle. Promise to stay in touch and provide updates when they happen.

The publication on his official Facebook page was soon filled with positive comments and speedy healing. Fans hope to see him on stage again soon.

Luis Alba García, the comedian’s real name, was born in Veracruz in 1945 . His work has been both on the small screen and on the big one, that is to say, television and cinema. Although his first artistic foray was in radio soap operas.

The comedian expanded his room for maneuver to also act in theater. Luis de Alba is highly remembered for his stoicism in bringing comedy characters to life.

Not only highlights his career performances, but has been part of the creative process in creating addition to the Pirruris, he has in his acting range to Juan Cameney, Juan Penas, Experts, etc.

From his television beginnings, he shared credits with other prominent members of the Mexican television humor guild. Characters like Eduardo Manzano, Polo Ortín, and Laura Zapata are just some of the names with whom he worked.

Luis de Alba is also an icon of Mexican cinematography as he is involved in tapes of the so-called ficheras cinema.

From this very peculiar period of the seventh Mexican art, Luis de Alba stands out for his role in Los verduleros, El día de los albañiles, Los gato de las teas, El rey de los taxiistas , among many other productions.

As a screenwriter, he was in charge of the humorous constructions of Picoso, but tasty, Los pelotones and Juan Camaney and Chiflando en la Loma .

Although his acting work no longer resided on the big screen, Luis de Alba continued working in the artistic media. During the current times, he was in tapes like Two policemen with luck 3, The drivers, and more films released exclusively for television.

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