Tattoo artist Tanke Rules revealed some details of the process to capture the new design

The controversy over the tattoo that Lupillo Rivera removed from Belinda continues longer than alive. The characteristic design chosen by the Mexican regional singer generated mockery and memes because it is a black spot on the face of his former Spanish girlfriend, but far from the reactions, the person responsible for this new engraving told how much he charged for his work.

The tattoo artist Antonio Morales, better known as Tanke Rules, told Ventanenado how his experience was when he removed the face of the interpreter from Amor a primer vista and how Lupillo paid him his fees.

The ink artist accepted that he received no money for this work, as he is content with the popularity it can bring to his work.

“I was very attracted to covering his tattoo, I didn’t know I was going to do it, but the gossip continued. But I didn’t really charge him anything, because I knew what he was going to bring me was followers, more work, that was going to happen. That is the payment ”, he confessed in an interview with the TV Azteca entertainment program.

He added that Lupillo’s intentions were to give a “blackout” to the engraving, so he was not interested in other designs such as a catrina or the faces of some animal species.

“It was a decision that Lupe made. He had given him some advice on how to cover it up, but in the end, he decided to have it erased completely, just like that. He wanted a blackout, (to remove it), yeah, completely. I did not want to know anything more about him, “he said.

Morales stressed that this new design was good to completely disappear in memory of Belinda and perhaps in the future something can be done to amend it: “It may hurt a little more, you can do it with a laser. But he really likes tattoos, we may give it a touch-up to cover it up completely. “

“El Toro del corrido” shared a few days ago the “video that everyone was waiting for” and in which he made clear his reasons for removing the tattoo with the face of the Spanish artist and accepted that his oath not to remove it had been a mistake which he now sought to amend.

“I am very happy to have made this decision. In the first place and the most important thing is to give place to my fiancée, Giselle Soto, that’s why I made this decision to do it … I know that I gave my word at some time in my life, I was wrong, we are human beings and right now we have to give it my wife “, he commented in the clip of a few minutes in which he showed the tortuous process to remove the so striking tattoo.

“I was sitting down and L’rey was bringing a marker and I asked him ‘how would you remove this tattoo?’ and he began to paint it for me and just as he painted it for me, that’s how it turned out, ”he explained.

The tattoo artist has explained on more than one occasion that this “ink stain” on Belinda’s face was a complex process and that it took them several hours.

In an interview with Venga la Alegría, the expert narrated that he worked for more than three hours on Lupillo’s skin, due to the extension of the tattoo on Belinda’s face and that he used figures in black ink to cover it. However, on that occasion, he did not reveal the figure that tattooed the singer.

“It was not a small tattoo, it was somewhat medium, we took some breaks, but it took me about three hours to cover it,” recalled the ink artist who previously shared a photo with Lupillo in his tattoo studio.

Lupillo wanted to put a stop to criticism of his new design and from his social networks stressed how he chose it: “This is how my 12-year-old nose designed it.”

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